Vancouver Doulas: Birth support

Mama snuggling her newborn. Doulas in Vancouver are there to support and care for parents through pregnancy, labour, birth and postpartum.

Birth support is one thing that it’s hard to have too much of. Whether you’re giving birth for the first time, or if at this point it feels pretty routine, someone knowledgable and experienced who is there to meet your needs in invaluable. This is why so many parents decide to have a doula present at their birth. To help you in your search for the perfect birth support for you, I’ve compiled a list of three amazing Vancouver doulas.

Doulas of Vancouver

The Doulas of Vancouver is made up of a team of 4 amazing doulas, each with unique specialties. While all 4 are available to support during birth, three of them are hypno-doulas, while they each also have a specific qualification to serve you throughout pregnancy and postpartum. They have an acupuncturist, postpartum doula, mother roaster, and pre-natal and baby and me yoga instructor, on the team. They believe in providing individualized care to each of their clients as they empower pregnant people through education and support.

newborn baby welcomed into her family.

Bunky Bambino Vancouver Doula

Bunky Bambino has a large team of 13 doulas to choose from. You select your doula depending on the amount of support you are wanting during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Alana, their tier one doula, is pretty much the all-inclusive experience. Not only does she provide 3+ pre-natal appointments, and birth support for the whole family, but she also provides you with handmade packing lists, a 4th trimester guide, product recommendations, all home birth supplies and holistic care throughout the 4th trimester including a lactation consultant visit and meal support to name just a few. If you’re not sure you need quite that much support, their tier two and tier three doulas include the more standard two to three prenatal visits, birth support and one to two postpartum visits as well.

Bramble + Birth Doulas in Vancouver

Cassie Sutherland is the Doula behind Bramble + Birth. Her philosophy as stated on her website is “Your birth. Your body. Your baby. Your choices. Your experience.” She provides information about the process of labour and birth so that you are able to make informed choices. Cassie is a “full spectrum” doula, meaning she provides support. care and advocacy through all reproductive experiences and outcomes including adoption and surrogacy, as well as in the terrible event of a pregnancy or infant loss.

Any of these three practices would make an amazing choice for birth support as you prepare to welcome your new baby. All three offer different experienced based on what is most important to you and your family and what best fits your lifestyle. As an experienced mom, my personal advice is to take as much postpartum care as you can.

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Vancouver Doulas: Birth support

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