Hair Salons in Vancouver you want to check out

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Mama needs a good pampering every once in a while. And really, there’s nothing better than a fresh, gorgeous new haircut – especially if you can plan it right before your family photos! Finding a stylist you love can be a ton of work, and there are so many great hair salons in Vancouver. So, I thought I’d lend a hand and do the research for you! You’re a busy mama and don’t need to waste your time googling and reading reviews! So I’ve narrowed down the five best places for your next cut or colour!

Citrus Hair Salon in Vancouver

Citrus Hair Salon is rated number one in the top 10 Hair Salons in Vancouver on Yelp. They have pages and pages of rave reviews from past and current clients. Citrus has a team of 22 talented stylists, with many who specialize in colours and others who specialize in extensions. The salon also has a commitment to beauty products that don’t hurt the earth. They use non-toxic and natural hair-care products from sustainable companies, they use organic colour systems and donate all their hair, which is used for cleaning up oil spills! They have tons of other green initiatives in their salon too! You can see them all and book your appointment on their website.

Salon Haze in Kitsilano

Salon Haze is another great Hair salon in Vancouver! They are an award winning hair salon based in Kitsilano. Their team includes skillful and talented hair stylists who each have their individual expertise, including Balayage, Ombre and other colour services. All of their stylists are trained by two of the best hairstylists in BC before serving clients. They also have tons of great reviews from past clients!

Stone Fox Hair Salon in Vancouver

Stone Fox is located in the Mount Pleasant area of Vancouver. They boast that their treatments are “hairapy” and their mission is to turn hair you have to live with into hair you love to live in. Stone Fox has a much smaller team than the others, with just three stylists to serve you.

Wish Dry Bar

This one is a brand new one! It’s a woman-owned and operated hair salon in West Vancouver. If you’re a more adventurous type, or looking for something fresh, give them a try! Their website and branding is all about making you feel beautiful and confident, and that’s something I can get behind!

Artel Salon

Artel has three different locations with one on Fraser St, one on Cambie and W 6th and their headquarters on W 8th. They have multiple reviews from long-term clients who have been loyal over the years and rave about their stylists. They offer a large range of services including style, colour and treatment.

Really there’s no better time to visit any salon than the day of your photography session, as long as you’re going with a familiar style! I wouldn’t recommend trying something new with your hair right before a session. In the off chance you don’t adore the new style, the last thing you want is your family memories hung around your home with a hairstyle that makes you feel less than the amazing, confident, gorgeous mama you are!

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Hair Salons in Vancouver you want to check out

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