Coquitlam Photographer: Newborn and family

Big sister welcoming her baby sister in her home - Coquitlam Photographer

Hey there, I’m Kelly! Your Coquitlam Photographer. I’m passionate about capturing unposed, authentic memories for new parents and young families. Whether you’re expecting your very first baby, or you have a house full of active little ones, this season goes by so quickly. Before we know it, they’ll be getting their driver’s license and heading to university, and all we’ll be left with is memories, and some beautiful images of their childhood.

When I was a kid my mom had an Anne Geddes photos of a baby in a tea cup hanging in our bathroom. I’m going to be honest and say that I always thought it was a little weird. Of course, naked babies snuggling teddy’s, curled up in an itty bitty basket is adorable, but it’s not an accurate memory of my days with newborn babies, personally. My style as a Coquitlam photographer is to capture real authentic memories that show the emotion you feel and connection you have with your new baby. I’m what you would call a lifestyle photographer.

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Lifestyle family and newborn photography in Coqutilam

We’ve all seen the perfectly posed family photos with everyone sitting nicely and staring at the camera with a big cheesy grin on their face. When toddlers are involved, there’s generally one with a scowl or looking the wrong way. Because toddlers and young kids don’t love being told what to do, and their listening skills aren’t great. If I’m wrong, please send me an email and let me know all your parenting secrets!

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This is why, as a Coquitlam Photographer, I’m not about taming your wild children, but capturing them in all their crazy glory so when you hang your photos around your home, you’ll remember exactly who they were at this moment in time. You want photographs that capture your kids silly smiles, enthusiastic movements and playful personalities, and those are the images that leave you with warm fuzzy feelings every time you pass them, hung up in your hall way. So whether you’re wanting to capture your family welcoming a new baby, or just some memories before they grow, your images will tell a story of your happy, sweet, chaotic family.

I’d love to opportunity to capture this moment in time for you so that you can hold onto these days when they’re long gone. If you’re looking for a photographer to creature gorgeous artwork out of your family’s memories, get in touch to learn more and plan your session!

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Coquitlam Photographer: Newborn and family

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You want to find the perfect photographer for your family - one that will make your kids comfortable and capture all those expressions and moments that make your heart burst, without the frustration and stress usually associated with a photo shoot.

I help take care of every detail from helping select outfits, to directing you so your family doesn't feel awkward, and assisting in selecting the images that make your heart the happiest. My goal is to give you the stunning images you want of all your favourite parts of your beautiful life, make them into gorgeous artwork so you can enjoy them daily, and make it a fun and stress-free experience for the whole family!