Doulas of Vancouver: Support for your Birth

Newborn baby laying on bed. Doulas of Vancouver are a great option for your pre-natal, birth and postpartum support.

The thought of giving birth can be fairly anxiety inducing for many mothers. Whether that’s your experience, or you really just want as much support as possible during your birth experience, a doula is a great option. The Doulas of Vancouver are a team of 4 who are available to support you as you welcome your baby into the world. Each of them have a unique specialization and are available to support in different ways based on your specific needs during pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

Doulas of Vancouver provide support to expectant parents having either hospital or home births in Vancouver, Burnaby, North Vancouver, Richmond and New Westminster. Each member of their team is a birth doula, but also has additional qualifications to help serve you during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Amanda is also a hypno-doula and a registered acupuncturist. Debra is a hypno-doula and a postpartum doula, Jen is a hypno-doula and a mother roaster, and Liza is a Pre-natal yoga and baby & me yoga instructor.

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Their team of doulas is guided by the philosophy that pregnancy and birth are a healthy and normal part of an adult woman’s life. They aim to ensure the mother is best equipped and responsible for making the choices that will affect her pregnancy and the birth of her child. Doulas of Vancouver provide information to support the mother in her bodily autonomy and the right to informed choice. They also provide hands-on and emotional guidance to support the entire family through labour and birth as they are intensely vulnerable and powerful. They believe birth has the potential to be transformative and ecstatic but understand that for some the experience is traumatic, and they are there to support with kindness and compassion.

Take a look at a newborn session here.

What makes their practice unique is that cumulatively the team of doulas have more than 50 years experience in birth work. All four of them have all given birth themselves and have an intimate understanding of the experience of physiological birth. They also have extensive working relationships with local midwives and specialize in supporting home water births.

any of the four Doulas of Vancouver are a great choice for your birth support. Get in touch with whoever fits your needs best.

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Doulas of Vancouver: Support for your Birth

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