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New mom snuggling her baby. Mother Me is a Vancouver Nanny services that helps mother's postpartum.

Every new mother dreams in the early days of motherhood of more sleep and some extra hands. There’s really no such thing as too much help. If you’re looking for a Vancouver nanny, I have an even more amazing option for you: Mother Me. Mother Me is pretty much the best business Vancouver has to offer, if you want my humble opinion. I remember having my babies and feeling exhausted. Wishing someone else was there to snuggle my baby when he or she wasn’t sleepy at night but didn’t want to feed. Wishing the dishes would put themselves away, or someone was around to help me. My husband was great and very hands-on, but he’s not so good at night. That’s where this amazing Vancouver nanny service comes in.

Mother Me was started in 2004 by postpartum doula Liza Hagusa. She started her journey as a birth doula, but saw the lack of supports to mothers postpartum and felt that she wanted to fill that gap. So she started Mother Me with the vision of being people who would show up and offer support, free of judgment, for new parents.

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So, what’s so cool about Mother Me? They offer support to parents any time of day. Their team of doulas comes to your home for either a day or night shift to offer support, care for baby, and lend a hand. Night time support is their specialty, and what the majority of their clients hire them for. Their postnatal night nannies come to focus on “mothering the mother” as they say. They assist with breastfeeding or bottle prep at night. They will do quiet household tasks, care for baby so mom can get some more sleep, and they’ll even take notes as they monitor your baby through the night so that you have a better idea of baby’s sleeping patterns.

They do also offer day time support if you prefer. All their postnatal nannies are trained in breastfeeding and general newborn care, so they can lend a hand with baby’s needs. They also help prepare meals for you and help with other work around the house while you rest and recover from giving birth.

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Mother Me is more than just a Vancouver nanny service. They’re pretty much fairy godmothers.

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Vancouver Nanny: Mother Me

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