North Vancouver Shopping

Family snuggled up on their couch. Find the perfect outfit for date night or a family session with the best North Vancouver shopping locations.

Whether you are just looking to treat yourself to a new outfit or are searching for the perfect gift for someone in your life, North Vancouver shopping is some of the best in the region. Let’s take a look at some of the top stores in the local area for both locals and visitors to North Vancouver.

Park Royal Mall

Park Royal first opened back in the 1950s and is one of the most popular North Vancouver shopping spots to this day. It was the first covered shopping mall in Canada, and over the past decade, it’s been through a period of redevelopment, with new stores constantly opening up here. You’ll find a great variety of stores on offer, so you can easily find any type of clothing or products you are looking for.

If you’ve never visited an Aritzia store before, I highly recommend checking out this location at the Park Royal mall. The store is a design house and fashion boutique which develops its own brands. On top of that, they stock classic brands you’ll know and love, such as Citizens of Humanity and Levi’s. Each of their stores is influenced by the local area, so you can be sure you’ll find something here for you or your loved ones during your next visit. You’ll also find a Lululemon here, which I love visiting when I need to update my gym wardrobe. As well as their high-quality yoga pants and accessories, you’ll find they offer lifestyle apparel, athletic wear, and sports accessories.

Unity Clothing

When considering North Vancouver shopping locations, I love to support smaller stores in the local area as well. Unity Clothing is a fashion-forward store that strives to be a secret gem for women’s fashion in the area. As well as offering stylish apparel, they are known for their incredible customer service. This store focuses on casual clothing, so it’s ideal for picking up a new weekend outfit or something for your upcoming date night.

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Caposhie is another of my favourite North Vancouver shopping locations, and you’ll find this boutique on Lonsdale Avenue. This is one of the oldest high streets in the region, but it’s packed with modern and trendy stores to help you update your wardrobe. Caposhie transports its shoppers to faraway locations, curating a collection of clothing from a global market. They offer many of the world’s most trusted and innovative brands, and you’ll find many unique items here that you wouldn’t find elsewhere. It’s the perfect shop for casual apparel, loungewear, or vacation clothing.

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North Vancouver shopping has continued to improve over the past few years. You’ll have no trouble updating your wardrobe at any of the locations we’ve shared above. I find that there’s a good combination of local boutiques and high-street stores here, so there really is something for everyone in the area. No matter what type of products or clothing items you are searching for this month, you’ll have no trouble finding them on your next North Vancouver shopping expedition.

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North Vancouver Shopping

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