North Shore Newborn Photography: What to Expect

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You’re expecting a baby! Congratulations! You can hardly wait to start or expand your family, but I’m sure there are so many questions swirling around your head! As you think of all the things you need to do to prepare for your little one, booking a newborn photographer is probably pretty high on the list. You don’t want to miss anything as your little one grows and being able to hold onto those tiny little features and details that fade so quickly is so important! But it can be overwhelming to both find a newborn photographer and plan for the session. So, as someone with lots of experience in North Shore newborn photography, I’m here to let you know what you should expect from a newborn session, and what to expect when working with me.

If you’re a first time mother, you are about to embark on a beautiful, stretching and at times very difficult adventure. If this is your second, third or twelfth child, you already know this. Adding a tiny, very dependent person to your family is such a joyful experience, but it can be hard. I truly believe that your North Shore newborn photography experience should not be. It’s my goal to make the process as simple and enjoyable for you as possible, so that you can focus on the important things – like caring for your baby.

Having someone come into your home and capture your most intimate moments as you welcome a child into your family is intensely personal. This is why I choose to talk to all my clients on the phone before we book a date. I want to make sure that I know you, so I can tell your story in a way that feels real and authentic to you, but also that you know me, so you are comfortable with this stranger coming and intruding on your family memories. It also gives me the opportunity to walk you through the unique experience I offer each client. As a new mom, you may not have time to sit down at a computer and send emails back and forth for days, so one quick 20 minute phone call gives you the confidence you need to feel comfortable with your photographer as well as the time you need to focus on your little one.

North shore newborn photography session with family of 4

Once we’ve chatted, we schedule a consultation at your home. No need to leave or put on anything other than your yoga pants. I bring you a coffee, show you some of my samples so you can start daydreaming about how you’ll display your gorgeous images, measure the spaces you’re thinking of and we’ll start designing your session based on the colours of your home. I’ll help you choose a colour palette and outfits for the family so that when your stunning memories are hung around your home, they complement your other furniture.

When the time comes for the sweet, snuggly North Shore newborn photography session, I come to you. It may be the first time since baby was born that you take the yoga pants off, but I do highly recommend putting on something you feel beautiful in for this session! I bring withe me some beautiful swaddle and diaper shirt options just in case you don’t have one that will suit the style and feel of the session, or if you just want some other options! We spend about 2 hours together and this time is meant for you to relax and enjoy your family.

We’ll snuggle up in the living room, the master bedroom and around baby’s crib and let you take in the bliss of your sweet newborn. I’ll capture images that show your love for your little one and your partner, as well as the tiny details we as mothers never want to forget. We’ll take breaks for feeds and if the little one needs to be snuggled to sleep.

About a week or two afterward, I’ll reach out and let you know it’s time for your personal viewing party. I’ll come to you once again, this time with a projector and a special slide show of all the beautiful images we created together. We’ll go through the images and narrow down to the ones that are nearest and dearest to your heart. We’ll decide where in the house you’d like to display them so that you get to enjoy them each day. Then I’ll get on designing your artwork.

A few weeks later, I’ll hand deliver your precious heirloom artwork with a hug and a treat, and you’ll get to spend the rest of your life cherishing the beautiful memories of your tiny baby.

If this sounds like a great experience and exactly what you want as you welcome your sweet baby, please feel free to reachout!

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North Shore Newborn Photography: What to Expect

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