North Vancouver Date Night Spots

Expectant parents on the beach. Find the best North Vancouver date night spots to take advantage of without the kids!

If you are looking for a special night out for you and your partner, there’s no shortage of great restaurants in the North Vancouver area. There’s no better time to start looking at where you could dine out to celebrate this occasion. Today I’m going to share with you my favourite North Vancouver date night spots, all of which will impress anyone you take to them.

The Observatory

Enjoy Canadian fine dining with spectacular views at The Observatory, which is one of my favourite North Vancouver date night spots. It’s the perfect restaurant for an anniversary or birthday celebration, and we recommend asking for a table by the window. The menu here is very varied, and you’ll find dishes including octopus, oysters, salmon, and steak. Each dish is beautifully presented and the service here is very warm and attentive. You’ll find the restaurant located atop Grouse Mountain, making for one of the most unique dining views in the area. 

Arms Reach Bistro

Arms Reach Bistro is consistently rated one of the top North Vancouver date night spots and has won many awards over the years for its incredible food and service. It serves Pacific NW dishes, which all have a Mediterranean twist to them. We love the relaxing vibes of their restaurant, which offers great views over the cove. It’s a great option for anyone who appreciates high-quality food but doesn’t want to dine anywhere that’s too formal for their next date night.

Pier 7 Restaurant

This popular upscale seafood restaurant would be the ideal spot for a date night this spring and summer. They offer waterfront patio seating with beautiful views over the city. As well as their varied seafood menu, you’ll find there are seasonal meat and poultry dishes. On top of that, the extensive drinks menu makes it one of my favourite spots for a night out without the kids.

Looking to include the kids? Find some kid-friendly restaurants here.


For anyone who enjoys eating seafood, you’ll find that Fishworks is rated as one of the top North Vancouver date night spots in the area. You can enjoy a menu full of fresh seafood dishes, all of which are caught right here on the coast. As the name suggests, it is primarily a seafood restaurant, but we were also surprised by their great vegetarian options as well.

The restaurant itself is housed inside a heritage building, which makes for a very atmospheric date night setting. I highly recommend trying out the oysters or the mussels, which never disappoint at this restaurant.

With so many great North Vancouver date night spots to choose from, you’ll have no trouble finding somewhere for a romantic night out without your kids. I highly recommend booking in advance for any of these restaurants, particularly if you are visiting for a special occasion such as Valentine’s Day. All of these restaurants come highly recommended by both locals and visitors, so plan your next date night ahead of time so that you can enjoy some quality time with just you and your partner.

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North Vancouver Date Night Spots

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