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Family with preschool child awaiting baby number 2. North Vancouver Montessori preschool options.

Montessori schools are popping up all over North Vancouver. If you are looking for somewhere to send your preschool-aged child in the next year or so, I’ve got you covered today with a selection of the top North Vancouver Montessori schools for younger children. Keep reading as I share what you can expect from some of the top-rated schools, all of which will set your little one up for a lifetime of learning.

Mums Montessori Childcare

Mums Montessori Childcare bases all of their lessons and materials on the Montessori approach to learning. They believe this is one of the most influential educational systems of our time, and they are excited to welcome more families into this style of school. The center offers a day care program for those ages two and a half through to six years old. They use a multi-aged group system, which is quite common within some North Vancouver Montessori schools. The broad vision they offer will help your child to mature quicker than in a typical school while fostering a sense of respect and understanding for the world around them.

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Canyon Heights Montessori Preschool

Another of my top North Vancouver Montessori preschool options is Canyon Heights Montessori Preschool. They have been working with families in the local area since 1984, making them one of the most established Montessori preschools in North Vancouver. They welcome children from ages two and a half through to five years old, providing them with a caring and supportive environment to help them grow. Their aim is for your child to have fun as they learn while also offering individual attention to meet every child’s needs. I found their staff to be incredibly welcoming and caring, and the school itself is set in beautiful surroundings. They offer a range of flexible programs, including kindergarten and summer school programs.

Mamalina’s Montessori Preschool and Childcare Centre

Mamalina’s Montessori Preschool and Childcare Center is run by Yasmin Petigara and is based in Deep Cove, North Vancouver. It has been open since 1994 and is set within a large centre in the mountains. They provide a well-balanced program for preschool-aged children, with the option of an extended day for parents who work long days. The school is a member of the Montessori Association of BC and the North Shore Child Care Resource and Referral Centre, so you can be sure you are in good hands with their team. They hope to make the transition into elementary school much easier for parents and children, which is something I know any parent will appreciate.

These three schools are ideal for your youngest children, and they will help to introduce them to the Montessori way of learning. You’ll find that all of these schools offer a welcoming and safe environment for your child to learn and grow as a person at this young age. All of them are run by experienced teachers, who will create a nurturing environment and community for both parents and children.

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North Vancouver Montessori

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