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Unless you are a high risk pregnancy or have had complications, care providers recommend moving your body while pregnant. Sometimes, particularly in the first and third trimester for most, expectant mamas don’t have a ton of energy. If this is you, a run, hike, or any higher intensity activity may be off the table. If […]

North Vancouver Prenatal Yoga

Congratulations! You’re expecting a baby, whether your first or fifth, the first step is always choosing a care provider for your pregnancy and midwives are an excellent option. The midwife model tends to be more personalized than other options, and many women prefer it for the level of choice given to you during your care. […]

North Shore Midwives: Prenatal Care

Hey, I’m Kelly! I’m a mom of three, lover of coffee a chocolate, and a North Shore Photographer for newborns, maternity and families. I believe that childhood is sacred and that, though the early days of parenthood are hard, we’ll miss them when they’re gone. I love to capture memories, real life moments. Many parents […]

North Shore Photographer: Newborn and Families

The thought of giving birth can be fairly anxiety inducing for many mothers. Whether that’s your experience, or you really just want as much support as possible during your birth experience, a doula is a great option. The Doulas of Vancouver are a team of 4 who are available to support you as you welcome […]

Doulas of Vancouver: Support for your Birth

Birth support is one thing that it’s hard to have too much of. Whether you’re giving birth for the first time, or if at this point it feels pretty routine, someone knowledgable and experienced who is there to meet your needs in invaluable. This is why so many parents decide to have a doula present […]

Vancouver Doulas: Birth support

Hey, I’m Kelly! I’m a mom of three and a lifestyle photographer in Vancouver. You may have just read that and thought “what the heck is lifestyle?” Well, I’m about to answer that question, show you some examples and tell you why I choose to capture families in this style rather than the more traditional […]

Lifestyle Photographer Vancouver

Every time I have a session outdoors I left reminded what a privilege it is to live in B.C. The fact that our mild weather means that my clients can choose outdoor locations all year round is definitely a plus, but it’s nothing compared to the stunning scenery we have to choose from for backdrops. […]

Golden Ears Maternity Photography

As a Maple Ridge maternity photographer, I generally get to photograph a lot of families, waiting on baby number two or three. While I absolutely love these sessions and having the opportunity to capture the excitement of big sisters and brothers to meet their baby, there’s something very fun about photographing just mama. Kids add […]

Maple Ridge Maternity Photographer

Pregnancy. The sweet little baby you and your partner made together, growing inside you and developing into a tiny little person. It’s beautiful and glorious. But, for many of us, it can be hard to feel beautiful and glorious, especially during the later stages. I personally struggled to feel positive about my body during all […]

Vancouver Maternity Clothes

As a soon-to-be mama, you deserve not only amazing care for your baby, but also for yourself. If you are looking to experiencing deep relaxation during pregnancy, you should take a look at Electra Health Pre-Natal Services. Electra Health is the most reputed therapeutic services provider in Vancouver. Among the therapeutic services offered by them, […]

Electra Health Pre-Natal Services

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