North Shore Montessori

Little girls playing at the beach. Find the best North Shore Montessori school for your little one.

Many parents in the North Shore area are considering Montessori schools for their elementary school-aged children. With so many schools to choose from now, it can be hard to know which the top North Shore Montessori schools are. Let’s take a look at a few of my top recommendations, all of which will be excited to welcome you and your family into their warm learning environment.

North Star Montessori Elementary School

North Star Montessori is one of the top North Shore Montessori schools as it offers options for children from the age of two months to 12 years old. This wide range means that families can find one school which will serve their family for a decade or so of learning. I appreciate how experienced and knowledgeable their teachers are. They are a very inclusive and supportive school, creating a welcoming community for both parents and children alike. This leads to children remaining engaged throughout their educational career, allowing them to thrive in the Montessori school system. If you are thinking about sending your child to a Montessori school in the area, I highly recommend booking a tour around the school to learn more about how your child could benefit from this learning environment.

Eagle Harbour Montessori

One of the top concerns about sending your child to a North Shore Montessori school is the cost. I was excited to learn about Eagle Harbour Montessori, which is a publicly funded Montessori school. They offer regular visitor days, providing you with a chance to learn more about what this type of learning environment could offer your family. The school welcomes students of preschool age to Grade 5, and there are a wide range of specialty lessons on offer as well. As well as the typical curriculum, your child can enjoy art, acting, dance, and circle time within their school day.

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Cosmic Educare

Cosmic Educare fully embraces the Montessori way of learning. Their school is set in a stunning building with plenty of space for children to explore and enjoy their learning experience. The team of educators is highly qualified and experienced in this field, ensuring your children will receive a great start to their educational journey. Their aim is to create bright and inquisitive young children who are aligned with their body, mind, and soul. They’ll happily welcome you and your family to tour their facilities. I appreciate that they want to ensure your family will feel the school is a good fit for your needs, and they’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have about their schooling system.

All of these North Shore Montessori schools are ideal for your children to attend after preschool. You’ll find that they will continue their Montessori learning experience, creating bright children who are interested in the world around them. I highly recommend you take a tour of any school before enrolling your child to ensure this type of learning is a good fit for your needs and to set your child up for success later in their life.

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North Shore Montessori

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