North Shore Birthing Classes

Baby yawning. Find North Shore birthing classes.

Birthing classes are the ideal way for mothers-to-be to prepare for this special time in their life. You’ll find there’s no shortage of options for North Shore birthing classes, which will offer you the support and reassurance you need before childbirth. Keep reading as I share some of my top North Shore birthing classes and centres in the local area.

Prenatal in a Nutshell

So many moms-to-be struggle to balance their current life with their future plans. For that reason, Prenatal in a Nutshell focuses on offering condensed workshops for busy women. They share everything you need to know in half a day, and the classes are all taught by current practicing delivery and labour nurses. The team works across North Vancouver and West Vancouver and concentrates on offering up-to-date and realistic information for your labour. On top of that, they also provide breastfeeding or baby care classes, which work hand in hand with their North Shore birthing classes.

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Childbearing Society

The Childbearing Society’s prenatal classes always come highly recommended by previous clients. Their aim is to keep everyone healthy and safe at this current time, so they offer both online and in-person North Shore birthing classes. The team strives to offer dynamic and engaging classes that help to build a local community of new moms. Their most popular offering is an evening series, which provides seven weeks of information to prepare you for your birth. If that’s too much of a commitment for your current schedule, consider a weekend workshop instead. This offers all of the same information as the evening series, but it’s condensed down into two days and one evening. You’ll come out of these classes with new friends for life, which is one of the top reasons we recommend investing in birthing classes.

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North Shore Doulas

Since 2006, North Shore Doulas has been offering North Shore birthing classes for expectant mothers. They also provide birth and postpartum doula support, so they can support you through your preparation and birth. The team works across the North Shore and Greater Vancouver area and will help to get you more familiar with important information about this exciting time in your life. They’ll help you to prepare for labour and childbirth and become more acquainted with breastfeeding techniques. Fiona, Jaime, and Lauren host the classes in an intimate setting, and they’ll encourage you and your partner to ask any questions that have been on your mind. Classes are offered with the team at North Shore Doulas once a month and last five hours. They are suitable for any type of birth and will be tailored to fit your needs.

There are so many fantastic North Shore birthing classes on offer, but I’d highly recommend enrolling for classes with any of the companies listed above. I know how daunting this time in your life can feel at times, but the more information you equip yourself with, the more likely you’ll be to enjoy every moment of the next few months of your life.

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North Shore Birthing Classes

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