UC Baby Surrey 3D Ultrasound Services

UC Baby offers 3D Ultrasound technology so you can see your little one!

There’s nothing more exciting as an expectant parent than those ultrasounds. Even when baby looks more like a peanut than a baby, that little black dot on the ultrasound screen is thrilling. As baby grows, it gets even more exciting to see their profile and their movement. For me, these always made my pregnancies more real. UC Baby Surrey offers 3D ultrasound technology, so you get to see more of your little munchkin!

UC Baby Surrey is Canada’s #1 Trusted company for 3D and 4D pregnancy ultrasound services and they have locations across Canada, with 4 in the Greater Vancouver Area! With their ultrasound packages, you get to see your baby much more clearly than you would during your regular scans at MedRay or the hospital.

UC Baby Surrey Packages

They offer three different packages so you can choose just how much time you need with your baby. These range from a 15 minute scan to two 30 minute scans so you can watch as your baby grows and develops! All their packages include 3D images in an online gallery, and at least one printed photo for you. In the larger packages, you can even get a DVD of the scan so you can watch your baby’s movements at home afterward.

Expectant parents waiting patiently for baby!

During your scan, you can choose to have them reveal baby’s gender if you want to know beforehand, and if they aren’t able to show you because baby’s a little too squirmy, they offer a free repeat session. These UC Baby Surrey ultrasound packages start at $129.

Little Extras at your Ultrasound

You also have the option to build your own package or add on special items to the one you choose. My personal favourite add-on is the UC Baby Surrey heartbeat bear. They save the sound of your baby’s heartbeat in a recording and put it inside a sweet little teddy bear! It not only makes for a sweet cozy keepsake, but also is soothing to your tiny little one once they join you outside your womb!

Expectant parents during a beach view maternity session

Other Fun Ways to Fill your Maternity Experience

Waiting for baby is such a unique experience. I generally struggle to really enjoy it and take it in and remember that there are parts of it I’ll miss once baby is outside, like that feeling of movement inside me and tracking along as baby grows each month. A UC Baby Surrey ultrasound is one way to really make the most of this waiting season. Another is a maternity session. I find these to be a fun keepsake to help you hold onto the things you enjoyed about pregnancy. I personally have always looked forward to getting dressed up and making myself feel pretty instead of like an ever-expanding balloon and hiring a local photographer to work some magic.

If a maternity session sounds like a fun way to memorialize your pregnancy, check out my website to see my work and connect! Or check out a blog from a maternity session!

One of the things I always enjoy most about pregnancy is preparing baby’s nursery and closet! Check out my blog post on my favourite places to shop to prepare for baby!

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UC Baby Surrey 3D Ultrasound Services

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