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When it comes to finding North Shore pediatric therapy services, I know how difficult it can be to find the right solution for your child. Regardless of why you require pediatric therapy, you can be sure there are some excellent companies in the local area that will support you and your child this year. Let’s take a look at a few of the best North Shore pediatric therapy options, all of whom are happy to take on new clients at this time.

Skilled Kids Occupational Therapy

The goal of the team at Skilled Kids Occupational Therapy is to assess your child’s skills and do all they can to help develop them. They offer consultative support and correctional strategies, which will help your child to overcome any challenges they are currently facing. The team travels across the area and will be happy to visit you in your home within the North Shore. They’ve been working as a North Shore pediatric therapy provider since 2008, so you can be sure you are in good hands with their team. While working with your child is their number one priority, they also strive to equip parents with the knowledge and skills to overcome any future issues they face and empower their child on a daily basis.

North Shore Stress & Anxiety Clinic

If you’ve noticed your child struggles with stress or anxiety, you may want to consider this type of North Shore pediatric therapy. The team at North Shore Stress & Anxiety Clinic offers services designed for kids and adults. They have child-focused psychologists within their team who help children and families to overcome any issues they are facing. Each of the therapists within their team strives to help your child grow and thrive at home and school, so they feel happier in themselves no matter what life throws their way. Common conditions that they work to overcome include stress, anxiety, family conflict, social difficulties, and depression. They can also assist with sleep difficulties and any habits your child has adopted recently.

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Family Services North Shore

Don’t put off finding a North Shore pediatric therapy option just because you are worried about the financial implications of these services. Family Services North Shore strives to offer low-cost services to families in the local area. They can address a wide range of concerns, and they use a sliding fee scale. The team here understands how hard it can be for children and parents to reach out for help, but they want to ensure you feel as relaxed as possible when you work with their team. No matter how simple or complex your current concerns are, they’ll be here to help you over the upcoming months.

With so many great North Shore pediatric therapy services in the local area, I highly encourage you to reach out to one of the teams above as soon as possible. You’ll find that both you and your child benefit from their services, and they’ll help your child to regain their confidence and overcome any challenges they are facing to live a more happy and fulfilling life.

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North Shore Pediatric Therapy

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