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Birth support is one thing that it’s hard to have too much of. Whether you’re giving birth for the first time, or if at this point it feels pretty routine, someone knowledgable and experienced who is there to meet your needs in invaluable. This is why so many parents decide to have a doula present […]

Vancouver Doulas: Birth support

Hey there, I’m Kelly! Your Coquitlam Photographer. I’m passionate about capturing unposed, authentic memories for new parents and young families. Whether you’re expecting your very first baby, or you have a house full of active little ones, this season goes by so quickly. Before we know it, they’ll be getting their driver’s license and heading […]

Coquitlam Photographer: Newborn and family

Hey, I’m Kelly! I’m a mom of three and a lifestyle photographer in Vancouver. You may have just read that and thought “what the heck is lifestyle?” Well, I’m about to answer that question, show you some examples and tell you why I choose to capture families in this style rather than the more traditional […]

Lifestyle Photographer Vancouver

Hey, I’m Kelly! I’m a North Vancouver newborn photographer who helps your savour babe’s first days so they don’t get lost in a haze of dirty diapers and sleep deprivation. I’m a mom myself, and I so clearly remember the moment each of my sweet children were laid on my chest and I looked into […]

North Vancouver Newborn Photographer

Newborn baby photography in Vancouver is one of my favourite types of sessions to capture. I love freezing this fleeting season for new parents so that they have memories to hold onto and to hand down when their kids are bigger. While this session was no different, and I adored every second of it, it […]

Newborn Baby Photography Vancouver

I’m just going to come out and say it. No one is really ready to welcome their child. It doesn’t matter how much reading you’ve done or what you’ve bought or how much time you’ve spent around babies. Nothing prepares you for the life-altering moment of becoming a mother. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t […]

What you need for your Newborn Baby

Newborn sessions are my jam. Those teeny tiny toes. Those itty bitty fingers. Those squishy little cheeks! I could spend all day with infants… and fortunately for the time being I get to! There’s nothing I love more than a nicely swaddled, dozy little babe. We’ve always swaddled our babies until they were probably too […]

My Favourite Swaddles for Newborn Sessions

I could honestly take newborn photos all day long. These sessions really are my favourite, and this sweet family’s newborn photography Vancouver session was really no different. There’s something more intimate about these sessions – coming into a clients home and meeting their brand new baby. I get a small glimpse of their life together […]

Newborn Photography Vancouver

Back in the summer, I made a big “woopsie” when I updated my website and somehow made it so my contact form didn’t submit. Face palm. It took me a while to figure this out and once I did I went on a hunt to find out if my form had been filled out and […]

East Vancouver Newborn Photography

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m in the exact same stage of life as many of my newborn clients, but being a Newborn Photographer in Surrey, or really anywhere, is one of my favourite parts of this job. Yes, I absolutely love maternity sessions and capturing and getting to know whole families, but it’s […]

Newborn Photographer in Surrey

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