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The thought of giving birth can be fairly anxiety inducing for many mothers. Whether that’s your experience, or you really just want as much support as possible during your birth experience, a doula is a great option. The Doulas of Vancouver are a team of 4 who are available to support you as you welcome […]

Doulas of Vancouver: Support for your Birth

Birth support is one thing that it’s hard to have too much of. Whether you’re giving birth for the first time, or if at this point it feels pretty routine, someone knowledgable and experienced who is there to meet your needs in invaluable. This is why so many parents decide to have a doula present […]

Vancouver Doulas: Birth support

As a soon-to-be mama, you deserve not only amazing care for your baby, but also for yourself. If you are looking to experiencing deep relaxation during pregnancy, you should take a look at Electra Health Pre-Natal Services. Electra Health is the most reputed therapeutic services provider in Vancouver. Among the therapeutic services offered by them, […]

Electra Health Pre-Natal Services

That tiny little line turned blue and your life changed forever in the blink of an eye! Whether you’ve been planning and trying or this comes as a complete surprise, this is such an exciting time! Having a baby is probably the most life-defining thing you’ll ever do, and you only get nine months to […]

Langley Midwife Practices for Expectant Parents

It can be hard to decide which type of prenatal care is best for you and your family. Is a doctor or a midwife better to handle your particular pregnancy and all the concerns and questions that come with a baby growing inside you? South Community Birth Program, located on Kingsway in Vancouver, offers a […]

South Community Birth Program

Care for yourself and your growing baby is not something that should be considered lightly. There are so many different and unique options out there for pre-natal care these days. Of course, as you’ll be going to appointments quite regularly, you’ll want someone local, who can easily be reached. So, I’ve decided to create a […]

Abbotsford Midwife: options for your prenatal care

Personally, I’m a huge fan of the midwifery model, if you can’t tell. I talk about them a lot in my blogs because I truly believe in the hands-on, personalized and informed care you receive when you choose a midwife as your care provider during pregnancy. When I think of Midwife care, I think of […]

Midwifery Group: Vancouver Midwives

There’s nothing more exciting as an expectant parent than those ultrasounds. Even when baby looks more like a peanut than a baby, that little black dot on the ultrasound screen is thrilling. As baby grows, it gets even more exciting to see their profile and their movement. For me, these always made my pregnancies more […]

UC Baby Surrey 3D Ultrasound Services

Strathcona Midwifery Collective is an amazing option for prenatal care if you’re in the Downtown area. Midwife care is known for it’s hands-on, personalized approach to caring for expectant parents. I truly believe in midwifery practices and love to support them because my team of midwives have been so amazing through three pregnancies that have […]

Strathcona Midwifery Collective

Midwife care has become a popular choice for pregnant women in the lower mainland. The personal, hands-on, informed consent model of care they provide means that each parent’s unique needs are met. I’ve personally had a midwife now with all three of my children and wouldn’t have it any other way. Modern Midwifery is a […]

Modern Midwifery: Delta Midwifery Practice

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