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West Coast Kids Vancouver has tons of unique local brands

With giant chain baby stores reigning supreme these days, it can be hard to find quality, unique items for your baby or child. If you’re like me and are always on the lookout for the best for your kids, new styles, good quality, made in a safe and healthy environment, then there aren’t too many options. Allow me to point you toward West Coast Kids Vancouver. With everything from gear to furniture, to toys and apparel, this is a one-stop spot for great high-quality kids goods. You can even find some local Vancouver shops in their store!

Located in Vancouver on Main Street, it’s easy to find and get to, but I know how hard it is to shop with kids, especially in this new reality of COVOD-19, so I highly recommend shopping their website. You can find everything you need, and with a low free shipping threshold of only $49, it will likely actually cost you less to ship things to your home than it would to drive there! If you don’t mind being patient and waiting for your kids goods, I highly recommend this option! If you’re close by and don’t want to wait, though, they are currently offering free curb-side pick up!

West Coast Kids Vancouver carries some of my personal favourite brands that I’ve used for my kids and absolutely loved. You can find amazing brands like Beluga Baby, Cuddle + Kind, Freshly Picked, Hey Folks, Jelly Cat, Kyte Baby, Little and Lively, Little Unicorn and so many more. I personally could get lost on their website for hours at a time. And likely end up spending way too much money as a result.

Find everything you need for your sweet newborn baby at West Coast Kids Vancouver.

If you’re in the stage of prepping for a new baby, you can find pretty much everything you need at West Coast Kids Vancouver. And you can be sure your baby is getting the best. The brands you’ll find here are higher in quality than you’d find at Babies R Us or Buy Buy Baby and will last you through multiple kids. Cribs, strollers, bedding, sleepers, bath items, and everything else. You can even shop the nurseries and recommended products of well-known Canadians such as Jillian Harris from the featured tab on their site!

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If you’re a little further East and are looking for other great baby and kids stores, check out Lagoon Baby, located in Maple Ridge.

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West Coast Kids Vancouver

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