Your Newborn Baby Checklist

New dad holding his brand new baby son. Grab this checklist to help you prepare for your newborn baby!

“Did we get enough bottles? Will we need formula? What if she poops through and spits up on her onesies? Does he have enough toys?” When trying to get organized to welcome a new baby, there are so many different things to think about. Whether it’s your first or your fifth, it can be difficult to make sure things don’t get missed. To help out, I’ve created your newborn baby checklist – a thorough list of all the things you’ll need and need to do before baby arrives. So, as you get closer to your due date you can be confident that nothing was forgotten.

Looking for the downloadable PDF? Find it at the bottom of this article.

Your Newborn Baby Checklist – First Trimester

In your first trimester, your newborn baby checklist contains more to-dos than to buys, as it’s still early and you have plenty of time to start collecting! But, if it’s better for your budget or you like to be ahead of the game, once you’ve checked off your First Trimester list, feel free to jump ahead and start purchasing items on your Second Trimester “to buy” list!

Things to Do

Book your doctors or midwife appointment

Book your prenatal blood work

Book your dating ultrasound

Tell your closest family and friends!

Book your maternity and newborn photographer

Things to Buy

Near the end of your first trimester you’ll want to start thinking about some stylish maternity clothes!

Tasks for your second trimester

In your second trimester you’ll hopefully have more energy and feel better than in your first or third, so I’ve put the majority of the leg work in your newborn baby checklist in the second trimester. This is the time to start stockpiling and organizing and making sure you have the necessities! Some to-do’s on this list may not seem as obvious, like going to the dentist, but oral health is important when you’re pregnant, and you likely won’t have time to do this once baby arrives!

Things to Do

Announce to the world the anticipated arrival of your little cutie pie!

Regular doctor or midwife appointments

Second trimester tests and screenings

Find a prenatal exercise class

Decide on whether you’ll be using a doula

Narrow down your name list

Look into childbirth classes

Prepare your older children if you have some

Go to the dentist

Start doing kegel exercises

Create your registry

Start thinking about your baby shower

Start planning for maternity leave

Things to Buy

Now is a great time to start collecting baby’s wardrobe essentials as well as getting the nursery ready, as you won’t be moving furniture around in your third trimester.

For the Nursery

Crib, cradle or bassinet

Firm mattress that fits snuggly into the crib

Rocking Chair

Baby monitor



Closet Organizers

1-3 crib mattress pads, preferably waterproof and washable

2-4 fitted sheets for the crib or bassinet

4-6 soft receiving blankets

3-4 swaddle blankets

3-4 swaddle sacks

1-2 heavier blankets for winter babies

For the Wardrobe

4-8 onesies. Depending on what season baby will be born, I’d plan for an assortment of short sleeve and long sleeves

4-8 sleepers

2 sleep sacks

1-3 sweaters or jackets that button or zip up the front

1-3 rompers or fancier outfits. Pro tip: Even for baby girls at this age, avoid dresses! Find some cute rompers (I’m personally a fan of this with little details or floral patterns), as they’re just as adorable and dresses tend to ride up and bunch around their tummy!

4-7 socks or booties. Unless you’re planning on a tiny pair of moccasins to keep their socks on, I’d skip the shoes for this stage.

1-3 hats, either bonnets with brims or sun hats or toques depending on your baby’s season

No scratch mittens

Warm suit or bunting bag if baby is expected in the winter months.

For feeding, travelling and play

Infant or convertible car seat


Infant carrier – I recommend one soft wrap for while baby is tiny and one more structured carrier for once they grow.

Baby Swing or bouncer

Playard with bassinet

Play mat

High chair

Baby thermometer

Baby first aid kit

Your third trimester checklist

The countdown is on! You likely are feeling ready to burst, have little energy and just want to sleep, but are getting pretty uncomfortable. If not, yay! You’re one of the lucky ones! A lot of the to-dos in this trimester turn your attention to the sweet little one growing quickly inside you.

Things to do

Count kicks. Talk more to your care provider about this, but you’ll be wanting to stop every once in a while and count to make sure baby is moving consistently.

Normal third trimester visits (every week or two) and tests.

Prepare for breastfeeding. Breastfeeding classes are recommended especially if you’re particularly nervous about this.

Choose a paediatrician for your baby.

Create a birth plan

Learn about the stages of labour and methods for coping with labour pains

Wash baby’s clothing and bedding

Line up some helpers – any close friends or family members who can pitch in and bring by a meal or hold the baby while you nap.

Prepare some meals and snacks for the freezer.

Stock up on household and personal supplies

Install baby’s car seat

Pack your hospital bag for the big day

Stock up on some light entertainment

SLEEP while you can. It may be difficult if you’re particularly uncomfortable, but take every opportunity to rest now!

Things to buy

For feeding

Whether or not you’re planning on breastfeeding, these items will be handy to have in case things don’t go quite as planned.

6-10 4- and 8- ounce bottles and nipples (if you’re planning on strictly bottle feeding, you can go for even more!)

Bottle Brush

3-4 soft bibs for spit up and milk dribbles

Burp cloths

2-3 pacifiers

For diapering

A changing table or pad for the top of the dresser

A diaper bag

Soft wash cloths

I highly recommend cloth diapering if you’re able and it makes sense for your family, but will include both options here.

Cloth Diapering

20 newborn size cloth diapers

Diaper pail and wet bag

Cloth wipes

Wipe warmer

Cloth safe diaper cream

A box of disposable newborn diapers as back up

Disposable Diapers

2-3 large boxes of newborn sized diapers

6-8 packages of unscented baby wipes

Diaper pail and bags

Diaper cream

For bath time

Baby bath tub or sink insert

2-4 soft towels or hooded towels

Soft washcloths

Baby hairbrush

And you are SET! You’re ready for baby and nothing can shake you. Once everything is checked off, just sit back, relax, and enjoy your last few moments of being pregnant!

Wanting a downloadable PDF form of this list? Find it below!

Still wanting to do some more research? Check out my blog on the things you really need to have prepared before your newborn session!

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Your Newborn Baby Checklist

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