Wedding Timeline Template

I remember back to my wedding day (though it seems so long ago now!) and I remember the stress of it all. I remember wondering if things were going to get done, if my volunteers had set up the decor correctly – or at all. I remember wondering if people were going to show up when they were supposed to. Because in my wedding planning, there was one very important thing I missed. A wedding timeline. Whether you’re just starting to plan your wedding, or are getting down to the wire, feel free to use this wedding timeline template and customize it for your ceremony and reception time. The key to a stress-free wedding is planning ahead and making sure everyone is on the same page.

bride and groom cutting their wedding cake. Wedding timeline template

I’m a huge advocate for first look photos, so I’ve included them in my wedding timeline template, but if you’re not planning one, it’s pretty easy to alter the template. Just take the time for the first look photos and add it to your casual photos after the ceremony to make sure you have enough time for photos of everything! In our timeline, the ceremony start at 4pm, but this can easily be switched!

Find the downloadable PDF below!

9:30am – Depending on how big your bridal party is, sometime between 9am and 10am, the bride and bridesmaids should be starting to get ready and their hair and makeup team should be getting to work!

12:30pm – Mimosas and hang out time with bridesmaids, or, if you’re moving around on your big day, have those mimosas in the limo while you travel!

1:15pm – Bride gets into her dress.

1:30pm – Bridal portraits while Groom finishes getting ready

1:45pm – First Look and some intimate photo time for the bride and groom

2:45pm – Full Bridal party photos, the more formal ones

3:30pm – Photos wrap up, time to relax and get ready for the ceremony! Or, if you are doing your ceremony in a different location, get your butt there!

4:00pm – Ceremony starts

4:30pm – Family photos

4:45 to 5pm – Guests that aren’t essential to photos should be on their way to cocktail hour by 4:45, but depending on the size of your family, you may need a few to stick around until closer to 5pm.

5pm – Casual bridal party photos and some more bride and groom portraits, and just some time to relax and celebrate the fact that YOU’RE MARRIED with those closest to you!

6:00pm – reception entrance

6:15pm – dinner

7:00pm – sunset photos with the bride and groom

7:15pm – Speeches and time to party!

10:15pm – announcement of exit

10:30pm – Exit

And then, that’s it. You’re officially a married couple. The only next step is to have an amazing and beautiful life together!

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Wedding Timeline Template

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