Langley Maternity Clothes that are actually stylish

Langley Maternity Clothes stores that have stylish and comfortable options for pregnancy outfits.

Dressing your body for pregnancy can be such a challenge. And with the mass exodus of the mainstream maternity brands like Motherhood, Destination and Thyme, it’s recently become even more difficult. I’ve been struggling for months to find things I love, so I decided to help you out by creating a list of places to shop in and around Langley for maternity clothes that are actually stylish.

I personally have found there’s three stages of feelings toward maternity clothes during my pregnancies. At first, I’m wearing my normal clothes, just choosing looser and longer tops, getting excited about when my belly will be big enough to need that extra space provided by maternity jeans and shirts. Next, the bump shows up. It’s tiny a cute and I feel adorable in my maternity jeans and bump-revealing tees. Then the third trimester hits. By this point I feel like I look like a beached whale, and my clothes are tight and uncomfortable, I’ve over worn the same pieces for months on end and am sick of them and start considering joining a nudist colony until the baby comes.

Usually by stage three I go back and forth between looking for a few new pieces to freshen my maternity wardrobe, or deciding leggings and an exercise tee will do for the remainder. When you get to this stage, I really want you to be able to find places to shop around Langley for maternity clothes so you can get that refresh you need to keep you feeling confident and less whale-like through the end of your pregnancy, so, here’s some of the amazing places I’ve found!

Hazel and Jools Maternity Clothes

Hazel and Jools is my number one favourite shops near Langley for maternity clothes for this reason: All their items are ethically made in Vancouver. They’re comfy, stylish, high quality, and you never have to wonder who made your maternity clothes or whether they were produced in unsafe conditions.

Steveston Village Maternity in Richmond

Steveston Village Maternity carries some of the most stylish maternity and nursing brands I’ve found in the large amount of time I’ve spent pregnant. Legoe, Seraphine, Boob Design, Bravado and Roolee can be found in their shop and on their site. They also carry some of the best brands for your baby, such as Parade Organics, Tea Collection, and Bambi and Birdie.

Bella Belly Maternity in Coquitlam

Bella Belly Maternity has everything you will need for your entire 9 months; from casual to career. They carry sizes Small to 2x in jeans, tops, dresses, and everything else! You can shop here privately by appointment. Bella Belly also donates your used maternity clothes to women’s shelters across B.C. when you’re done with them!

Seven Women Maternity in Vancouver

Seven Women carries affordable and fashionable maternity and nursing clothes. They aren’t unique to the area, but actually began in Toronto and have many locations across Canada, as well, they have an online store and offer free shipping on orders over $100 across the country.

These four shops are unique places near Langley for maternity clothes. In this online world, it’s so difficult to find stylish pieces you can actually go see and touch and try on before purchasing. These spots give Greater Vancouver expectant moms the opportunity to shop in person for great pieces.

Who knows, maybe you’ll find the perfect piece to wear to your maternity session at one of these stores! For style inspiration check out a blog post on what to wear to your maternity session.

Now that you’ve got your wardrobe sorted out, check out my website to learn more about the maternity session experience!

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Langley Maternity Clothes that are actually stylish

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