Beansprouts Vancouver Children’s Boutique

Beansprouts Vancouver carries stylish and sustainable children's clothing.

It can be challenging to clothes your children. Finding stylish but sustainable options is hard. And often, especially at a certain age between 2 and about 8, you can pretty much guarantee your kid is going to rip, stain or otherwise ruin most of their clothing. It seems wasteful to spend a lot of money curating a closet for a toddler. But Beansprouts Vancouver Children’s Boutique offers so many great options, both new and secondhand for kid’s clothing.

Beansprouts Vancouver doesn’t only have clothing, though. Really, they’re your one stop shop for most things you’ll need for your child over the years, and even have a few treats for parents as well!

If your children happen to be in the stage of ruining all their clothing, getting them stained and ripping the knees in their pants, you may want to check out Beansprout’s Pre-loved pieces. They’ve made it easy to shop for secondhand items on their website with a convenient drop-down menu that allows you to shop by gender and size.

Beansprouts Vancouver carries so many great kid's items!

This also means they consign preloved pieces, so once your kids are done with the clothing they’ve outgrown but haven’t ripped to shreds, you can book and appointment to consign your old clothes as well!

If secondhand isn’t your thing, Beansprouts Vancouver also carries a variety of great brand name new clothing as well. They also conveniently offer a convenient pick-up option if you’re close to the Main St area and would rather not pay for shipping.

Beansprouts is also a great place to shop for all your children’s needs! They also carry shoes, toys, books, as well as items for bathtime and bedtime. They even have a handful of great items for moms, as well as expectant mothers! They carry one of my favourite brands to help ease your postpartum experience, One Tough Mother. They also carry skin and haircare items, candles, essential oils and sustainable laundry and kitchen products.

If you’re looking for anything kid related, or a treat for yourself, make sure you check them out!

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Beansprouts Vancouver Children’s Boutique

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