West Vancouver Daycares: A Guide

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So, you want to find the best West Vancouver Daycares for your kids to keep them both educated and entertained. There are so many factors to consider before you make that all-important decision and it can all get a bit overwhelming. 

I know what its like – you want to know your little ones are safe and secure and you definitely want to see those huge smiles on their cute little faces, letting you know that they’re having a great time.

Well, I’m here to help make that massive decision of finding safe and capable hands just a little bit easier for you. I’ve considered every aspect from staff to activities, core values and health and safety. Keep on reading to discover my top all-round picks for the best West Vancouver Daycares out there!

PJ Kids Club and Preschool West Vancouver Daycare

First on the list is PJ Kids Club and Preschool. This West Vancouver Daycare is a non-profit society. It’s run by people who know just what your kids need – parents! A volunteer board of parents works hard to choose and employ a selection of quality, qualified childcare staff. 

They place an enormous focus on creating a nurturing and safe environment for kids whilst also gently building up their self-esteem. They champion independence as well as teaching co-operation between kids. Another thing I love about PJ’s is that they are always open to input and involvement from parents using the service to continually enhance the daycare. 

Olive Grove Childcare Ltd 

Olive Grove Childcare has several branches and offers care for infants from 6 months all the way up to kids of school age. Their core values are based around community, exploration and nature. Your kids will love the fact that it is a largely play-based childcare program! 

But rest assured, this philosophy is built on a widely studied and respected childcare approach inspired by Reggio Emilia of the North American Reggio Emilia Alliance. This approach allows your kids the freedom to pursue and explore ways of learning at their own comfortable pace whilst providing gentle encouragement. I think you’ll agree that this West Vancouver Daycare offers a super positive environment for you and your kids!   

Seeds for Life Childcare Education West Vancouver Daycare

Up next on the guide to the top West Vancouver Daycares is Seeds for Life Childcare Education. This daycare has a wonderful attitude towards learning and champion character education. They provide an established curriculum that focuses on creating lifelong learners, active citizens and loyal friends. Seeds for Life have a set of core values that encompass knowledge, honesty, curiosity, kindness, gratitude and respect – and they trickle these values through into everything they do. Sounds good to me!

West Vancouver Child Development Centre 

Last but certainly not least is the West Vancouver Child Development Centre. This is another non-profit daycare, located on Haywood Avenue. They are proud owners of a Child Care Legacy Award, having provided childcare services in the community for over four decades – so they’re definitely doing something right! They have a diverse range of talented staff who are passionate and dedicated to providing a safe and happy community atmosphere through structured play-based learning programs.

These daycares are the best of the best in West Vancouver and should help you as you begin your search for the right place for your child!

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West Vancouver Daycares: A Guide

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