Summer Camps for Kids in Vancouver

Kids cuddled under a blanket. Find Summer camps for kids in Vancouver to keep your kids busy this summer!

The summer can be a trying time for parents, who often worry that their children are bored from spending too much time at home. For that reason, I recommend looking into the top summer camps for kids in Vancouver, which will offer your children endless entertainment this summer break. Let’s take a look at some of the best summer camps in the area and what they have to offer for your family this year.

Camp Monarch Arts Camp

Camp Monarch Arts Camp is a two-week long summer camp which offers children the opportunity to explore the arts further. This day camp helps children to learn more about what is possible for them in life, by studying subjects such as dance, fine art, and music. Each of the classes is taught by a professional from this field, so you can be sure your children are in good hands each day at this camp. At the end of the two weeks, you’ll enjoy a performance for friends and family members, which is a tradition that attendees of this camp really look forward to each year.

Sports Camps Canada

For kids who enjoy spending time outdoors and playing sports, Sports Camps Canada offers a range of summer camps for kids in Vancouver for those ages four to 18. No matter your child’s ability level or skill level, they’ll be placed in a group for beginners through to elite athletes. As well as improving their sports skills, they’ll learn more about working as a team while having fun this summer. It’s the perfect option for kids who need to let off some steam after a busy year at school, and they’ll come home each day worn out and ready to rest for the following day of fun.

Little Kitchen Academy Summer Camps

If you are looking for something a little bit different in terms of summer camps for kids in Vancouver this year, check out the Little Kitchen Academy Summer Camps. They are inspired by the Montessori way of teaching, offering children ages three through to teenagers the chance to learn more about life in the kitchen. Kids experience three-hour long lessons, where they learn how to make meals from scratch, before enjoying the rewards of their hard work. As well as learning more about cooking, they’ll also improve their math, science, and reading skills, while meeting other children with shared interests from across Vancouver and the surrounding area.

All of these summer camps for kids in Vancouver would be the perfect addition to your child’s summer break. They’ll enjoy making new friends and learning skills which will help them to progress in life and increase their confidence. As a parent, you’ll enjoy a few days of rest from having to constantly keep your children amused, which is something I know I’ve appreciated before. By finding a summer camp that’s perfect for your child’s unique personality and interests, you can be sure they’ll have a summer to remember this year.

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Summer Camps for Kids in Vancouver

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