Spring Camps for Kids in Vancouver

Sister and brother wrapped in blanket. Find spring camps for kids in Vancouver.

There are plenty of options on offer when it comes to spring camps for kids in Vancouver this year. Whether your child enjoys sport, art, or another type of activity, you’ll find an option to fit their needs. Keep reading as we share some of the top spring camps for kids in Vancouver, all of which will help you to keep them engaged and entertained during the upcoming spring break.

Shoreline Studios

For budding actors and actresses, Shoreline Studios offers a range of spring break camps that will help them to improve their acting skills. As well as offering the chance to learn more about this craft, it’s an amazing opportunity to help boost your child’s confidence. Public speaking is a skill that any child will benefit from learning at a young age, which is why I’d recommend this camp to anyone in Vancouver. You’ll be surprised how much your child will develop over just a few days, thanks to the amazing staff working at this camp.

Arts Umbrella

Arts Umbrella is one of the top spring break camps in Vancouver as it offers you the chance to learn a variety of different disciplines. Their camps cover dance, theatre, film, art, and design, so there really is an option for everyone. You’ll find that the camp focuses on enriching the lives of the attendees, while helping them to connect with like-minded individuals of a similar age.

Mastery School of Music

Music is something that connects all of us, which is why young children should be exposed to it as early as you can. The Mastery School of Music offers spring camps for kids in Vancouver, which will help youngsters to learn how songs are made and about different instruments and musical genres. It’s the perfect way to give your child the chance to unleash their creativity this spring break and learn a new skill.

Pear Tree

Pear Tree is one of the most well-known spring camps for kids in Vancouver. Their education camps offer a full-day experience, running from 9 am to 3 pm each day. The campus is located in Kitsilano, Vancouver, and it’s a great opportunity for parents who still need to work during spring break and can’t afford to take the time off. Children will experience a variety of classes, all of which will complement their regular education in term time.

These are just a few of the top spring camps for kids in Vancouver for 2023. You’ll have no trouble finding camps to fit everyone’s interests and needs, with ones available for budding athletes, musicians, and actors. No matter what your child is interested in at their current stage in life, they’ll make new friends and build their confidence when they meet new people at a spring camp this year. Parents will appreciate the ability to continue working while their child is off school, as well as offering their child an enriching experience without having to come up with new ideas to keep them entertained each and every day.

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Spring Camps for Kids in Vancouver

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