5 Best Spring Photo Locations in Vancouver

Little girl running through tulips. One of the 5 best spring photo locations in Vancovuer

The warm weather is just around the corner! One thing I’ve learned with 5 years of photographing families is, as spring approaches, many families start thinking about family photos. Yay! This is one of my favourite seasons to photograph in for so many reasons. (You can find some of them here.) But sometimes families are unsure about where they should have their spring family photos. I hope that doesn’t stop you! As the professional in this relationship, it’s part of my job to find the perfect location to tell your family’s story! But, to start the process, I decided to share the 5 best spring photo locations in Vancouver, at least in my humble opinion.

Best Spring Photo Locations Number 5: Your Home

Yes, I know one of the best parts of having a spring session in Vancouver is the foliage, but hear me out on why this is one of my 5 best spring photo locations in Vancouver. Your home is where you and your family have built your life. If you are looking for a beautiful session that tells the story of who your family is now, in this stage of life, home is amazing place to do that!

Find out why I love in-home sessions here.

Number 4: Whytecliff Park

If you are on the North Shore and looking for a great beach spot, nothing beats this one. Beach sessions are usually thought of more for summer sessions, but in the summer beaches are busy! It’s really difficult to find a pocket of space for a family session on the beach in the middle of summer, but they tend to be a little less populated in spring and make for gorgeous images any time of year!

Number 3: Pitt Lake

This location is stunning every season of the year. The stunning mountain range and river make an epic backdrop for any family session. I have only two caveats – if your kids have lots of energy, this location can be difficult as it doesn’t have a ton of space to run unless sit’s been dry for a while. It also tend to be quite busy, as so many people want it in their photos that you usually have to wait for a few photographers to move before we can

Number 2: Queen Elizabeth Park

I think it’s likely obvious why this location is number 2 on the list. The park is filled with the most gorgeous foliage as things start to bloom in Vancouver. And, if you can make the short window where they are in full bloom, you can get the full glory of Vancouver cherry blossom season in Queen Elizabeth.

Best Spring Photo Location: The Tulip Festival

There is nothing that screams stunning spring photos like the Tulip Festival. I know it’s a bit of a trek to Chilliwack (which is my preferred venue) but I promise you, it is well worth it! Acres of stunning tulips and other flowers make it the most beautiful place for spring family photos.

If you’re as excited as I am for the beautiful foliage about to engulf our city and want to take advantage of the season and my experience with photographing families with young kids, please reach out! I’d love to chat!

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5 Best Spring Photo Locations in Vancouver

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