Why I love outdoor weddings

Why I love outdoor weddings in BC

I got married in a rose garden nine years ago this June. It was beautiful and on top of Burnaby Mountain with gorgeous views. It was our second choice – the first being the beach, but all my favourite beaches had far too many restrictions. At least half of the weddings I’ve photographed to this date have been at outdoor venues, and I have to say, they’re my favourite. There are tons of benefits to outdoor weddings, so for those of you on the fence about a wedding ceremony that’s exposed to the elements in rainy, unpredictable Vancouver, I wanted to share why I love outdoor weddings, and why I think you should have one!

Reason number one why I love outdoor weddings: the beauty of nature.

There are few places in the world as naturally beautiful as British Columbia. We have so many gorgeous landscapes and you don’t have to travel far to find a stunning view. We’re a region full of hikers, nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts for a reason – why would we stay inside when outside is so breathtaking? Sure, we have some very beautiful buildings and churches, but there’s really nothing like promising your future to the one you love with a mountainscape or ocean as your backdrop. The beauty of nature enhances the romance and emotions that I love capturing in my couples wedding ceremonies.

Now, you may be saying to yourself, “sure, it’s gorgeous…until it’s all covered by cloud and everyone is getting wet.” Well, true. And if you’re planning an October or February wedding, I would probably still recommend you stick to an indoor venue (and there are many that incorporate nature and have amazing views!) But, with a few exceptions, July to September are a relatively safe bet for an outdoor wedding ceremony. And you can always rent some tents to have on standby so your guests don’t get wet if it does happen to be a rainy day.

Reason number two: Less need for additional decor.

Chairs, an archway, some candles or flowers to line the aisle. Done. Outdoor venues generally naturally have all the charm you’re trying to create with extra decor. So take that decor budget and go full out making sure your reception venue looks AMAZING, or put that money you saved elsewhere – good food, the photographer you really want, or a videographer. Your ceremony won’t need the embellishments.

I love outdoor weddings because they bring a sense of community.

It’s like everyone getting together for a really fancy BBQ (but way better). Get people out in the sun, gathering outdoors, and they tend to be more relaxed and more open to mingling. Nine years later, I still love looking at the photos from before my outdoor ceremony – all my guests gathered in a gorgeous garden, having fun together and laughing. It felt more like a big family reunion than anything else.

So, where should I have my outdoor wedding?

If I’ve convinced you an outdoor wedding is the right way to go, then you’re in the perfect spot. I’ve featured so many amazing venues with options for outdoor ceremonies on my blog in the past. Check out these gorgeous venues and see if any of them sound like the perfect fit for you!

Tigh Na Mara

Rowena’s Inn on the River

American Creek Lodge


Stanley Park Pavilion

Brock House

Fraser River Lodge

UBC Farms

If you’re hoping for a more intimate affair, I also highly recommend the Sea-to-Sky Gondola in Squamish for a stunning outdoor ceremony.



Why I love outdoor weddings

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