In-home Newborn Photography and COVID-19

in-home newborn photography

It’s been a long two months or so. For some of you, maybe even more time has passed since you’ve entered self isolation or started distancing yourself from others. In that time, you may have been wondering if you’d get the chance to welcome your little miracle into the world with in-home newborn photography to remember the occasion by. It’s sadly been off the table for many new mamas and daddies during this time. But now, with B.C. entering phase 2, things are looking up for new parents.

On May 14, Bonnie Henry, our Provincial Health Officer released an order saying that the stop work order on personal services, including in-home and mobile services, came to an end as of Tuesday, May 19.

In so many words, this order means that in-home newborn photography sessions are no longer off the table. It means that, should you feel comfortable, you can plan for that newborn session with confidence that it likely will actually take place!

This is obviously hugely exciting to me! Of course, my first priority in all of this, though, is keeping my clients safe and healthy. Because of this, I will be taking extra precautions. I will definitely be wearing a mask and gloves to all in-home sessions, maintaining as much distance as possible while still producing gorgeous images up to my standard, and will not be touching or moving baby, but will rather be asking mom and dad to position baby as necessary.

At this point, though, I still have some research to do to make sure I am following all guidelines and best practices for operating in client’s homes during phase 2. Because of this, I will only be booking sessions for due dates after June 1, so that I have time to ensure I have everything I need to properly sanitize everything that needs to be sanitized. I will also be rescheduling sessions should I or my clients feel at all unwell or show any symptoms.

Of course, I completely understand if you’re not totally ready and comfortable to invite someone into your home, but you are still hoping to capture your baby while he or she is still a newborn. Because of this, I’ll be offering outdoor, lifestyle newborn sessions as well. While these will more closely resemble my outdoor family sessions, there will be a particular focus on baby and the tiny little details I make sure to capture in all my newborn sessions.

Check out a past in-home newborn photography session here.

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Find the Order from Dr. Bonnie Henry here.

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In-home Newborn Photography and COVID-19

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