6 Vancouver Lactation Consultants Offering Breastfeeding Help

While breastfeeding might seem like a natural process, it can sometimes be an extremely frustrating experience for both moms and babies. The truth is that most people struggle at some point or another in their breastfeeding journey. From clogged ducts to inadequate supply, there’s a lot that can go wrong. If you need a little extra help with breastfeeding, I would love to tell you about the top Vancouver Lactation Consultants. With these experts, you can have the guidance you need to feed your baby the way you prefer. 

Find Confidence in Breastfeeding With These 6 Incredible Vancouver Lactation Consultants

A mother in a peach sweater smiles while cuddling with her sleeping newborn baby on a bed after meeting vancouver lactation consultants

Doula My Soul

506 NE Everett St. Camas, Washington 98607

Doula My Soul is an inclusive Vancouver space where consultants help you with everything from creating a birth plan to resolving breastfeeding and lactation difficulties. The center offers care across the Washington and Vancouver area and provides a family-centered approach. While they offer an office, they can meet you at your home or in a public space. 

Vancouver Breastfeeding Clinic

406 – 1200 Burrard Street, Vancouver, British Columbia V6Z 2C7

Vancouver Breastfeeding Clinic is a lactation consultants practice that was founded for new moms. The practice doesn’t require a referral for you to receive their care. Their team of experts can work with you on anything from mastitis to tongue ties. They can provide help both in-home and in their office.  

Happy new parents sit on the edge of a bed cradling their sleeping newborn baby

Mommy’s Milk

Mommy’s Milk provides you with care either in the hospital after your baby’s arrival or within your home. Their visits will begin with a 90-minute-long consultation where you will review your health history and your current breastfeeding issues. They will then provide you with a customized breastfeeding plan. They can help with problems including inverted nipples, thrush, breast augmentation, slow weight gain, cluster feeding, and more. 


3569 Commercial Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, V5N 4E8 

MamaMilk is a Vancouver lactation consultant practice that was founded with the belief that your breastfeeding experience should be as easy as the mammals in the wild. The center offers both home visits and office visits where you can get to the root of your problems. They can provide you with a virtual visit and have inclusive packages to take care of all of your needs. 

A mother sits on a bed smiling and touching the face of her sleeping newborn baby thanks to vancouver lactation consultants

Le Lait Lactation Consulting

Le Lait Lactation Consulting offers care tailored to your schedule. The center can offer either virtual or in-home assistance. During your initial consultation, the practice will create a realistic plan to resolve your nursing problems. Their prenatal care gives you the chance to meet with an expert before your due date so you can face those initial feedings with total confidence. 

WeLCome Babies Lactation Consulting

223 Nelson’s Crescent, Unit 307, New Westminster, British Columbia V3L E3E

WeLCome Babies Lactation Consulting is a practice founded by a registered nurse with over 10 years of experience. Brianna is passionate about working with new moms to help them have success with breastfeeding. You can meet with her either in her office or at your home. She offers continued virtual support to ensure you have the complete care you need. 

You Will Love Having The Support Of These Wonderful Vancouver Lactation Consultants

Just because breastfeeding issues are common doesn’t mean they aren’t extremely frustrating. With these Vancouver lactation consultants, you can have high-quality care for your nursing journey. 

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6 Vancouver Lactation Consultants Offering Breastfeeding Help

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