Vancouver Elopement – Styled Photoshoot

Every bride-to-be has a vision of her wedding day. There’s a clip that plays in her head as she looks forward to it. For some, it’s partying with family and friends, but for others it’s more about the intimate moments stolen with their new spouse. When I look back on my wedding day, I feel like I missed out completely on those intimate moments with my husband. I’ve always regretted that and that regret was part of my inspiration for this Vancouver Elopement styled photoshoot.

Elopements are becoming increasingly popular. Couples are opting for a day that is fully about them without the pressures of pleasing family, and I personally think that’s awesome. Escaping with your lover to a beautiful place where you can be fully in the moment when saying your vows is a beautiful thing.

intimate elopement in West Vancouver

The adventurer in me has been so inspired lately by the photos I see of couples hiking into the wilderness and promising the rest of their lives to each other with the most amazing views. The only problem is, I haven’t hiked much since I had my daughter. It’s hard to carry a kid up the Chief. My model who collaborated with me on this styled elopement, Chelsie, isn’t much of a hiker herself. So we found the most gorgeous view with the smallest hike possible. Being an ocean girl myself, Lighthouse Park made the perfect location.

But don’t get me wrong, if you want to hike 5 hours for your elopement, I’m up for it.

Lighthouse Park elopement in Vancouver, BC

I met Chelsie earlier this year. She’s another local photographer who spends almost as much time in front of the camera as she does behind it. We’ve chatted often about styling a session. So when I got the idea for a Vancouver elopement, I thought of her. She had conveniently just ordered an amazing dress, so everything came together pretty quickly.

Bridal photos at Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver elopement

Unfortunately, it was harder to find the view we wanted than we thought it would be. So our “hikeless” adventure elopement actually included about an hour and a half of hiking. Still not bad for such a gorgeous view, but not the best when you’re expecting a 10 minute walk and trying to beat sunset. Fortunately, we made it just in time to capture some gorgeous photos in the fading sunlight, and still make it out of there before we got lost in the dark.

I love how this Vancouver elopement came together. It was simple, breathtaking and intimate – exactly what an elopement should be.

Intimate and whimsical ocean-side elopement in West Vancouver

Model: Chelsie & Colin

Make Up: Make me up by Nicole

Flower Crown: Maple Ridge Florist

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Vancouver Elopement – Styled Photoshoot

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