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Alouette Lake engagement session

From the moment I met them, I knew that I was going to like Miranda and Logan. As soon as we stepped out of our cars we started talking like it’s totally normal to meet a stranger at a lake and then ask about clothing choices. They were both so excited and nervous for their session – worried about outfits and just generally wanting the photos to turn out perfectly. Miranda and Logan had never had photos together as a couple and had no idea what to expect. Both of them tried not to look doubtful when I told them it was going to be fun, but I can confidently say it was for all three of us. Miranda and Logan’s Alouette Lake engagement session was picture perfect and captured their love and laughter perfectly.

Alouette lake beach engagement session with newly engaged Miranda and Logan

The two of them are so comfortable with one another it’s obvious that they’re meant to be together. They laughed easily, weren’t awkward with intimacy and teased one another like they’ve already been married for years.

After more than 6 years of dating, waiting and saving up for the perfect ring, Logan finally proposed to Miranda this fall. They were on a walk with their friends, celebrating their friends’ first night out since having a baby. Logan took Miranda completely by surprise when he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him after stopping to take a photo. Logan told me that she was so shocked she thought it was a prank! Her brother brought down their golden retriever puppy, Jack, for photos and they spent their evening blissfully drinking champagne and ordering room service.

Miranda and Logan's sweet and intimate engagement session at Alouette Lake, BC

As Logan tells the story, Miranda almost didn’t let him propose as she was hurrying to get to the bar they were going to. He had to tell her he wanted a photo of them kissing to get her to stop. She looked at him super weird when he asked because it’s totally not something he’d do. Well, they both seemed more than comfortable kissing in front of the camera when I told them to start making out like I wasn’t there!

Miranda and Logan's engagement session at Alouette Lake

These two are such a sweet, down to earth couple who looked amazing in front of the camera. Their Alouette Lake engagement session captured their love for one another and their easy laughter so well. I’m so excited for them. Congratulations, Miranda and Logan!

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Alouette Lake engagement session

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