5 Vancouver Daycares Your Kids Will Love to Go To Each Week!

Choosing a daycare is a pretty big decision. Of course, you want to ensure the space is safe and secure for your child, but you also need to make sure it’s a place that will keep your child happy. This is their chance to gain independence while making some friends. It’s the space where they’ll realize learning can be fun! It’s helpful to find a centre that will offer your family personalized care. If you’re searching for the perfect space for your child, I would love to tell you about some of the best Vancouver daycares so you can find the one that suits your family! 

Find The Perfect Fit For Your Growing Little Ones At These 5 Vancouver Daycares

A mother in a white dress kneels down on a lake's edge to play with her toddler son at sunset

South Vancouver Family Place Daycare

7710 Nanaimo Street, Vancouver, British Columbia V5P 4Y2

South Vancouver Family Place is a family-centered daycare that’s determined to create an inclusive space for all families. The centre first opened their doors in 1975 to assist families who were dealing with poverty, cultural gaps, and language barriers. The preschool accepts children ages 3-5 and helps them build their developmental, social, and intellectual skills. They provide bilingual lessons in both English and Chinese. 

Little Munchkin Daycare

1319 W 52 Ave, Vancouver, British Columbia V6P 

Little Munchkin Daycare offers Vancouver programs from infancy through the preschool years. You can choose to send your child 1-5 days a week. Their goal is to encourage artistic expression while aiding in your child’s development. By the end of your child’s time here, they will be a confident learner ready for elementary school.

Two young toddler boys explore a rocky beach with mom and dad looking on after visiting vancouver daycares

Helping Hands Child Care

656 East 59th Ave, Vancouver, British Columbia V5X 1Y3

Helping Hands Child Care is a licensed, in-home daycare for Vancouver families who want a more personalized approach. They work with kids from infancy through the preschool years to create specialized educational programs. They follow the BC’s Early Childhood Learning Framework to introduce your child to a play-based approach to their education. 

East Van Childcare Programs

540 N. Penticton Street, Vancouver, British Columbia V5K 3L8 

East Van Childcare Programs has centres across the province, so you can find the one closest to your family. The Vancouver location offers programs for children ages 3-5. Your child can receive exceptional full-day care Monday-Friday. The spots here tend to fill up fast, so don’t drag your feet if you’re interested! 

Two young toddler brothers explore some shallow river water in jean shorts and white shirts after visiting vancouver daycares

West Point Grey Daycare

1708 West 16th Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia V6J 2M1

West Point Grey Daycare provides care for Vancouver children ages 18-36 months. The centre is smaller, with a capacity of 12 kids per day. The facility features 4,000 feet of indoor space and 3,000 feet of exterior space. They use a structured routine supplemented with plenty of outdoor time.  

Trust Your Little Ones Are Well Cared For At These Great Vancouver Daycares

Sending your child to daycare can be an overwhelming decision, but the right one will ensure you feel confident throughout every step of the process. Check out these Vancouver daycares today so you can find the right spot for your family. 

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5 Vancouver Daycares Your Kids Will Love to Go To Each Week!

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