Top 5 Vancouver Locations for Maternity sessions

One of my top 5 Vancouver Locations for maternity sessions in Aldergrove regional Park, where I captured this sweet families memories.

Every photographer knows that one of the keys to providing your clients with amazing photos is amazing locations. I personally have an arsenal of favourite places I like to take my clients depending on where they are located. Today, I’m sharing my Top 5 Vancouver locations for Maternity Sessions. These spots never disappoint and always give my clients’ images that wow factor I like to deliver!

My Top Vancouver Location for Maternity Sessions: Blackie Spit in Surrey

As an ocean-lover who adores being on the beach, of course the number one spot in my Top 5 Vancouver Locations for Maternity Sessions is Black Spit in Surrey. I personally adore the beach at sunset and love what it brings to any type of session, but it definitely holds the romance and softness I’m looking for in maternity sessions.

Though it can be busy and tricky to find an empty spot during the summer season, this location provides so much variety all in one area. From the beach to the fields, it’s really all gold.

Images from one of my favourite Vancouver Maternity Locations, Blackie Spit in Surrey

If you’re loving this location as much as I am, check out this full session here.

Location Number 2: Private Farm in Maple Ridge

Now this location is sort of my best-kept secret. I came across it when another local business owner offered her farm when I was looking for a field for a model call. Most of the fields I know of in the area are privately owned, and as I generally don’t make a habit of trespassing as a general rule. As I was discussing this need with her she said “come use the farm!” and I totally fell in love.

Images from

This farm field at golden hour is just perfect. That golden light playing off the long grass created the perfect lighting!

Top Location Number 3: Aldergrove Regional Park

This spot is perfect if you live out in the valley and love the field look! While the park is huge, there’s one spot that’s sort of tucked away and is a photographer favourite for sure. The hill and trees are helpful for diffusing the light so a golden hour session can take place just a tad earlier here. For this reason, it’s great for expectant parents who have other young ones who can’t generally stay up as late as necessary.

One of my favourite locations in the Vancouver area for a maternity session is Aldergrove Regional Park, where this session took place.

Check pout more from this adorable family maternity session!

Top Vancouver Location for Maternity Sessions Number 4: My Secret Water Spot

It may be a little presumptuous to call this spot “mine” as it’s a public park and quite a few people know about it, but I had never heard of it until my model for this session recommended it and it blew me away. I’ve had a couple local photographers ask where it is so I know it’s unrecognizable enough to be kept somewhat secret for now!

It was absolutely a perfect fit for my vision of this sunset water maternity session, as the sun set in the right spot and it had the perfect area for this gorgeous mama to wade into the water. If you’re on the adventurous side and are willing to get wet during your session, let me know, because I’m dying to do more like this one!

Images from a recent water maternity session.

Number 5 Best Location in the Vancouver area: Your own home

There’s really no substitute for having your maternity session in your own home. Lifestyle sessions are my bread and butter, and I just love that photos in your own home capture your personal lifestyle, the home you’ve built and the love you share, in such a natural way. Young kids are comfortable at home and often love showing me around. These little extras make your home the perfect place for your maternity session, especially when also booking an in-home newborn session!

Lifestyle in-home maternity session in Maple Ridge, BC

I loved capturing this intimate maternity session in my client’s home. Her boys were relaxed and fun and filled with personality. It was really the best place to capture this season of waiting for baby boy number 4! Check out more images from this session!

Loving these locations as much as I am? Get in touch so we can plan your maternity session!



Top 5 Vancouver Locations for Maternity sessions

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