4 Questions to ask your Newborn Photographer

You’ve just found out you’re expecting – Congratulations! What an exciting time! When you first found out, you likely jumped around, cried with joy, and hugged your partner. And then the panic set in. Whether this baby is your first or your fourth, there is a ton to do to prepare for it! My guess is, somewhere on the to-do list between “plan a baby moon” and “start an RESP” is “find a newborn photographer.” Sounds like a simple task, but with so many options out there, and so many people who pick up an entry level camera and call themselves a photographer, the task is more complicated than you might think. To make sure you’re higher a well trained, experienced photographer who will produce amazing photos and an amazing experience, make sure you ask these 5 questions before you book.

1. How would you describe your style as a newborn photographer?

For the rest of baby’s life, you’ll be looking back on these photos of her at her tiniest. You’ll remember the tiny toes, little wrinkles, how she felt in your arms. You’ll likely turn these photos into art for her room, or a memory book for her as she grows. These photos are staying with you a LONG time, so it’s important to make sure you pick a newborn photographer who’s style speaks to you. Do you love the natural, slightly posed but relaxed style of lifestyle photos? Or do you lean toward real memories; the raw documentary style photos that capture the beauty of life as it actually is? Do you prefer light, airy and romantic feeling photos, true to life colours, or deep, emotional and dramatic shadows and tones? Whatever it is you love, whatever style you connect with most – make sure the photographer you choose fits your style.

2. Do you offer prints or products?

This time goes by so quickly. Very soon, all you’ll have left of the tiny newborn stage is your photos, and you won’t want them stored on a computer or hidden in a book. These photos are art, personalized art produced from one of the most beautiful seasons of your life, and you’ll want a special way to display them. Whether it’s a gallery wall above her crib, a special mini album to display on her dresser, or birth announcements to send to friends and family, you’ll want to make sure your photographer can provide you with high quality prints and products as well as digital images.

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3. Do you have insurance?

Photography is a no-barrier career, and with the price of entry level DSLRs, there are so many people out there picking up a camera, learning to shoot on auto and calling themselves a photographer. On top of the many reasons I listed in this blog about why you’ll regret hiring a cheap photographer, so many of these “faux”-tographers are operating illegally, not paying taxes and not covered by insurance. They are not protected if the unthinkable happens – and neither are you. And that’s not a risk you want to take with the memories of your sweet babe.

4. If I choose you as my newborn photographer, what will my experience be like?

In my personal experience, this is one of the most important questions to ask. You will have just had a baby! The last thing you’ll need is added stress. You’ll be up to your eyes in diapers and sleep deprivation. And while the excuse the shower and put on nice clothes might be welcome, anything else will be too much. You want to make sure the photographer gives ample time for feeding and changes so you’re not worried about your baby’s needs, or losing time with your photographer. Leaving the house with a newborn is hard, so make sure your newborn photographer can come to you and capture this season from the comfort of your own home.

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4 Questions to ask your Newborn Photographer

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