Empower Yourself with 5 Parenting Classes in Vancouver

Parenting is an adventure unlike any other. You are constantly left wondering whether you’re doing things right. Everything from the style you choose for birth to the way you handle the three-year-old tantrums involves quite a bit of improv. The best option is to be thoroughly educated so you can make the best decisions in the spur of the moment. If you could use a little bit of guidance throughout parenthood, I would love to tell you about the best parenting classes in Vancouver. With these experts, you’ll have the help you need for every stage. 

Step Into Motherhood With Confidence With These Parenting Classes In Vancouver

Family Services of Greater Vancouver

201 – 1638 E Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5N 1W1

Family Services of Greater Vancouver has created Project Parent to provide classes and tools to parents in every stage of the journey. The programs are completely free. You can find in-home and group classes that help you face parenting challenges head-on. You can also sign up for the Approaches to Parenting and the Effects on Children Workshop, the Couples and Communication Workshop, and the Power of Play Workshop. 

Mount Pleasant Family Centre Society

2610 Victoria Drive., Vancouver, BC V5N 4L2

The Mount Pleasant Family Centre Society offers drop-in parenting classes where you can connect with other Vancouver families. This is a cell phone-free zone, so you can focus on creating a bond. In addition to these support groups, you can sign up for their Nobody’s Perfect parenting class, which will teach you skills for creating a strong relationship with your child. 

A happy mom and dad hold hands with their toddler daughters while walking down a lakeside trail and holding their toddler son

Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre

Healthy Minds Centre, Building #85, Room P3-302, 3rd Floor, 4555 Heather Street, Vancouver BC V6H 3N1

Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre gives you a number of different options for parenting classes. You can sign up for the Confident Parents: Thriving Kids class, where you will learn how to handle behavioral challenges. Their Connect Parent Group will let you chat with others as you walk through significant behavioral problems. They also provide a course on positive parenting. 

Resources for Parents | YWCA Metro Vancouver

535 Hornby Street, Vancouver, BC V6C 2E8

Resources for Parents through the YWCA Vancouver provides you with parenting classes where you can get support through some of the more difficult family challenges. You can learn how to navigate the 7-12 stage with their My Tween and Me course, learn how to use positive parenting in their Nobody’s Perfect Parenting Program, or bond with other moms in the Single Mothers Support Group. 

A happy mother hugs onto her two toddler daughters while kneeling in a park path at sunset thanks to parenting classes vancouver

West Side Family Place

2819 West 11th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6K 2M2

West Side Family Place keeps things fun as they guide you through the different stages of parenthood. This inclusive environment offers both parenting classes and 1:1 parenting support. In addition, you can stop by for their play groups, where you can work on communication with your child while getting to chat with other parents in a similar stage of life. 

You Will Love Learning All The Best Tips From These Parenting Classes In Vancouver

By signing up for parenting classes in Vancouver, you can be prepared for nearly any challenge parenthood can throw at you. Check out these courses today for the one that’s best for you. 

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Empower Yourself with 5 Parenting Classes in Vancouver

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