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Maple Ridge maternity photographer at Alouette Lake with a gorgeous mama-to-be

As a Maple Ridge maternity photographer, I generally get to photograph a lot of families, waiting on baby number two or three. While I absolutely love these sessions and having the opportunity to capture the excitement of big sisters and brothers to meet their baby, there’s something very fun about photographing just mama. Kids add both a sweetness, and a bit of a challenge to most sessions. With mom, it’s easier to take a few more creative liberties.

When Vanessa contacted me about being her Maple Ridge maternity photographer, I knew right away she was my kind of girl. When she filled out the contact form on my website, she specifically said she didn’t want cheesy maternity photos. I laughed out loud with joy when I saw that! We chatted more about her vision for the session and I was thrilled to learn that she wanted to embrace the moody weather we get around here this time of year, but also take advantage of the natural beauty around us.

I met Vanessa and Cam at Alouette Lake on a gloomy Saturday afternoon. As it was January in the middle of a pandemic and it wasn’t raining, the picnic area was packed, so we went in search of a more private location. We ventured past the popular areas and found ourselves a little piece of beach with the perfect view, despite the high waters.

Vanessa and Cam's moody January maternity session in Maple Ridge.

We decided, since he was able to come, to include both mom and dad in a handful of images, avoiding the cheesy poses Vanessa isn’t a fan of and focusing instead on their love for one another and their baby. With that checked off the list, Cam went to walk their loveable fur baby, and Vanessa and I got to work on some stunning, moody, creative images of her journey into motherhood.

Now, I have to hand it to her. She is one brave mama, committed to the cause. Despite the cold January weather and the glacier fed lake, Vanessa stripped down to show her beautiful bare baby belly, wrapping herself in a blanket, and stood on the water’s edge. Now I’d say I’m pretty committed to getting the shot for my clients, but sometimes those shots don’t happen because of my client’s comfortability level. Vanessa, however, may have been even more committed than I was, and I wasn’t the one getting in the water.

Vanessa didn’t even stop at her toes. She made this Maple Ridge maternity photographer’s dreams come true when she braved the frigid lake and got up to her thighs to make her vision come to life. Honestly, I felt a bit bad standing on shore wrapped in my winter coat while this pregnant mama kneeled in freezing cold water, but the outcome was so perfect.

I’m so thrilled Vanessa “took the plunge” (see what I did there?!) and decided on a non-cheesy maternity session! I can hardly wait to meet her and Cam’s little one when they arrive next month!

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Maple Ridge Maternity Photographer

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