Lifestyle Photography and Drawing

Home. It’s where you’re most comfortable, and where the vast majority of your memories are made. It signifies one of the most important things in your life – family. The home you’ve built with your partner is your safe place. After all your adventures, whether you hike, travel, or drive from soccer practice to ballet practice in a mini van filled with kids, home is the end point, the “I can relax now” place. This is why I offer in-home lifestyle sessions. The connection and love you share with your family flows so naturally in your home. And there’s nothing better than filling it with personalized art. Which is why I’m excited to announce my new partnership with Chalie Howles, artist behind GOLDNGrasses. Together, we will now be offering a Lifestyle Photography and Drawing Experience.

Chalie, lifestyle artist, sketching her daughter

Chalie and I met in a Facebook group a while ago when I was looking for other local businesses with amazing products to make your experience with me even better. I knew immediately that I wanted to work with her and that what she offered would give you something unique and extremely special. I then had the opportunity to come to her home and photograph her drawing her three sweet children. It was so funny to me how similar their reactions to her drawing them were to my kids’ when I pull out my camera.

lifestyle drawing experience with GOLDNGrasses

When you book an in-home lifestyle session and you choose to add Chalie’s talent to your package, you end up with gorgeous artwork in mixed mediums to decorate your home with. While I photograph your unposed, intimate moments with your family, Chalie will be sketching you as well. In a 25 minute session, she provides at least 3 first-draft sketches of your family, focusing on different relationships and dynamics. She then takes her sketches home and creates a unique and beautiful final drawing on matted paper with either back or gold ink.

See an example of an in-home lifestyle session here.

Chalie from GOLDNGrasses drawing her children

The lifestyle photography and drawing experience will also be available to add to your wedding package. A beautiful and elegant alternative to caricature artists, Chalie will draw your family and friends during the cocktail hour of your wedding day. She’ll provide classic sketches of those you love celebrating the best day of your life!

Whether you’re planning your wedding, welcoming your newborn or capturing this stage of your family, lifestyle drawing and photography together is a breathtaking way to decorate your home with art that means something.

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Lifestyle Photography and Drawing

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