East Vancouver Newborn Photography

Mom and dad taking in their sweet newborn girl during our East Vancouver Newborn Photography session.

Back in the summer, I made a big “woopsie” when I updated my website and somehow made it so my contact form didn’t submit. Face palm. It took me a while to figure this out and once I did I went on a hunt to find out if my form had been filled out and not submitted. And that’s how I discovered that Leah had been looking for an East Vancouver Newborn Photography session.

I’ll be honest, I was excited for this East Vancouver Newborn Photography session for months. Just from reading through her contact form, I knew I was going to get along well with Leah and Jonny. They were so excited to welcome their first little girl, and we had so much in common!

A sweet baby girl and her mama during our East Vancouver Newborn session.

Their sweet bay girl was due just a day or two after my little one. Through most of September and the beginning of October I stressed that my little guy would take his sweet time, show up late, and give me very little maternity leave before I jumped back into sessions like this one. Fortunately, my little guy was 2 weeks early, and both my scheduled clients with due dates at the same time went past the 40 week mark. As much as I can’t imagine how uncomfortable they must have been and do feel for them, it couldn’t have worked out better for me!

But little R made her debut eventually. Her birth didn’t go quite as Leah had planned it, but she was here and healthy and ready to be photographed! So in early November, I left my newborn with Daddy and ventured to Leah and Jonny’s home for our East Vancouver newborn photography session.

They made a beautiful family, and I was so happy to be invited into their home and capture these sweet moments for them. It was so lovely to meet Leah and Jonny after all this time of preparing for their session and emailing back and forth! They’re such a relaxed and easy-going couple. They’re going to make such great parents!

Wondering about the newborn session experience? You can learn all about it on my Vancouver Newborn Photographer website!

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East Vancouver Newborn Photography

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