Find Relaxation With 4 Vancouver Prenatal Massage Studios

While pregnancy can be an incredibly rewarding experience, it’s not exactly easy on your body. Your baby is growing a little bit each day, and your body is going to let you know it! Prenatal massages are holistic treatments that will help you cope with the aches and pains of pregnancy. Not only will they relieve back pain, but they can increase circulation, reduce swelling, and even improve your sleep quality. If your body could use some extra care right now, I would love to tell you about the best places to book a prenatal massage in Vancouver.

Give Your Body A Well Deserved Treatment With A Vancouver Prenatal Massage 

Happy parents touch foreheads while cradling their sleeping newborn baby on mom's chest while standing in a window

Soma Studios

2460 Trafalgar Street, Vancouver, British Columbia V6K 2G2 

Soma Studios is a space with three locations in the area. The Vancouver studio was founded by Lori Johnson and has quickly gained a reputation for offering some of the best prenatal massages around. They use a body cushion system to let you safely lie face down. If you choose, the therapists can advise you on wellness and nutrition throughout your pregnancy. On top of their massage services, the center offers acupuncture.

Oceana Massage

119 W Pender Street Suite #114, Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 1S5 

Oceana Massage is an award-winning massage studio with an environment tailored to relaxation. Before your pregnancy even begins, you can come in for a fertility massage, where they will work on your body’s alignment and make sure you’re in top shape prior to conception. Their Vancouver prenatal massages are designed to increase circulation, lower stress, and regulate hormone levels. You can book their services through all trimesters. 

A mom and dad sit on a bed holding their sleeping newborn baby and playing with their toddler son thanks to vancouver prenatal massage

Healing Tree Massage + Wellness Studio

209 – 175 East Broadway, Historic Lee Building, Vancouver, British Columbia V5T 1W2

Healing Tree Massage + Wellness Studio brings you premium services in an elevated atmosphere. This massage studio has spent over 13 years saving the earth while helping Vancouver residents relax. For each new client, they give back to the planet by planting a new tree. So far, they’re up to 6,500 planted! They offer both prenatal and postpartum massages. You can also come in for acupuncture treatments. 

Sunrise Health

2560 E Hastings Street, Vancouver, British Columbia V5K 1Z3

Sunrise Health provides registered massage therapists, acupuncturists, and body workers to keep you in the best health possible. The Vancouver clinic uses a specialty pregnancy pillow for their prenatal massages. So you can be comfortable throughout your entire treatment. They can also provide you with a pelvic floor assessment and lead you through some exercises that will benefit you long after your baby arrives. On top of their prenatal massages, the center offers postnatal massages and infant massages. 

You Will Love How You Feel After A Vancouver Prenatal Massage

By booking a Vancouver prenatal massage, you can show your body the love it deserves! Check out these centers today so you can find the one that’s best for you. 

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Find Relaxation With 4 Vancouver Prenatal Massage Studios

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