Exciting Learning Experiences at 6 Vancouver Children’s Museums

Early childhood is a magical time full of constant exploration. Your child is getting older and finding all the things that get them thinking. At the same time, they’re so full of energy that it’s hard to get them to actually sit down to help them learn more. This is why children’s museums are so darn magical. These spaces are curated with exciting displays that let your child’s imagination–as well as their legs!–run wild. If you’re looking for the perfect thing to do with your child this week, let me tell you about my favorite Vancouver children’s museums.

Plan An Exciting And Fun Day At These Vancouver Children’s Museums 

Columbia Play Project

The Columbia Play Project moves around from place to place to help kids everywhere learn. This ingenious organization works to make subjects like STREAM much more accessible. While you can sometimes catch their exhibits on display in places like Fourth Plain Community Commons, they also work to send items home so your child can learn in the place where they’re most comfortable. Currently, the museum is looking for a way to create a permanent location, so be on the lookout to make sure your child can get exploring as soon as possible! 

Vancouver Maritime Museum

1905 Ogden Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 1A3

The Vancouver Maritime Museum lets your child explore their favorite topics! The Children’s Gallery offers a boat your child can run around in as they explore the world. In the process, they will learn all about sea life across the globe. 

Happy mom and dad hug and play with their three toddler children in a field of tall grass at sunset

Science World

1455 Quebec Street, Vancouver, BC V6A 3Z7

Science World seeks to make its namesake topic engaging and fun for all ages! Whether they’re teaching you about the art of cocktails or showing you how the body works, they’re taking science and making it playful. The entire museum is stocked with kid-friendly, hands-on activities to teach them more about the world. 

Railway Museum of British Columbia

39645 Government Road, Squamish, BC V8B 0B6

If your children’s favorites are all things trains, the Railway Museum of British Columbia is a Vancouver must-visit spot! This space not only lets you see artifacts and retired railcars, but it also lets you hop onboard and take a train across the campus. Be sure to keep an eye out for their life-sized Thomas the Train! 

A happy mother in a maroon dress stands in a park trail holding her toddler son at sunset after visiting the vancouver children's museums

Britannia Mine Museum

150 Cooper Drive, Britannia Beach, BC V8B 1J1

The Britannia Mine Museum offers a unique look at mining throughout history. There are guided underground tours, or you can explore the 10 acres at your own speed. The museum also has a multisensory live-action attraction that lets you experience firsthand what it was like to dive below 20 stories. 

Fraser River Discovery Centre

788 Quayside Drive, Westminster, BC V3M 6Z6

While all of the Fraser River Discovery Centre is kid-friendly, the Discovery Zone tends to be a favorite spot for younger visitors. This area teaches about the nature of the Fraser River with hands-on exhibits that will make your child forget they’re actually learning.

A father kisses his wife as she holds their toddler son and their toddler daughters play around them after visiting vancouver children's museums

I Hope Your Family Loves These Vancouver Children’s Museums As Much As Mine

With these Vancouver children’s museums, you’ll have the perfect place to go the next time you want to shake things up! Check them out today so your family can have the time of their lives.

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Exciting Learning Experiences at 6 Vancouver Children’s Museums

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