Each year my family goes on a 2-week camping trip to a gorgeous campsite on a beautiful, calm bay right next to a provincial park. There’s no reception in the campsite and no internet unless you walk to the office, so for these two weeks, we’re forced to unplug from social media, emails, text and phone calls and just enjoy family time. And it’s always so welcome.
Maybe I’m alone in this, but I can feel my soul being weighed down on days I spend too much time on technology, but find it so difficult to just go find something else to do. So getting off the computer and phone, as well as photographing my family for fun instead of for business (although I did end up taking on two sessions while on vacation!) really refreshed me.
Now that I’m back, my excitement for some of the things that were becoming more mundane has returned and I’m so excited to book up my fall season with sessions filled with golden light and falling leaves, but first I thought I’d share some of my favourite photos of the ones that fill my heart, on our favourite vacation each year.




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What can I expect from my photoshoot?

You want to find the perfect photographer for your family - one that will make your kids comfortable and capture all those expressions and moments that make your heart burst, without the frustration and stress usually associated with a photo shoot.

I help take care of every detail from helping select outfits, to directing you so your family doesn't feel awkward, and assisting in selecting the images that make your heart the happiest. My goal is to give you the stunning images you want of all your favourite parts of your beautiful life, make them into gorgeous artwork so you can enjoy them daily, and make it a fun and stress-free experience for the whole family!