Pregnancy Massage North Vancouver

Expectant mom and her toddler snuggling. Pregnancy massage North Vancouver is a great option for pregnant moms!

Massage during pregnancy offers many benefits to women and can help to reduce the aches and pains you may be feeling in your body. Today I’m going to share with you a selection of massage therapists who offer pregnancy massage in North Vancouver. You’ll find that your daily life is so much easier after working with one of these massage therapists to alleviate any tension you might be feeling during pregnancy.

North Shore Wellness Centre

North Shore Wellness Centre is one of the top locations for pregnancy massage in North Vancouver. They offer a diverse range of treatments for this special time in your life, including pregnancy massage and chiropractic care. I appreciate the attention you receive from their team, who always work to evaluate your personal needs before starting your treatment. They’ll encourage you to communicate any pain you are feeling, which is essential for a safe massage experience during pregnancy. Their registered massage therapists help to prepare women physically and mentally for labour. The body cushions on their massage beds are made specifically for pregnant women, offering you a comfortable position to support your growing body.

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Cocoon Wellness

Since 2003, Cocoon Wellness has been offering mobile wellness services to individuals in the local area. If you don’t fancy having to travel during the final trimester, they are the perfect option for a pregnancy massage in North Vancouver. They’ll travel throughout the local area, including to North Vancouver, East Vancouver, and West Vancouver. You won’t have to drive or park before your massage, which I highly recommend during this time in your life. Cocoon Wellness strives to offer affordable wellness packages, which make this a little luxury that anyone can enjoy during pregnancy. They also allow you to share your wellness plan with friends or family members, which can help to spread out the cost of your massage treatments.

Avita Health

Avita Health offers pregnancy massage in North Vancouver with a team of medical professionals. I appreciate their team’s medical experience and their passion for helping their clients to live their healthiest life. As well as pre-natal massage, you can continue your treatments here after birth with their post-natal massage therapy. Both of these services will help to improve your circulation and reduce any tension you are feeling while carrying your baby.

Ocean Wellness

If you are looking for a pre-natal massage in North Vancouver which focuses on your emotional wellbeing, look no further than Ocean Wellness. I love that they offer comprehensive treatments which take care of you both physically and mentally during this time of change in your life. They have a full team of registered massage therapists, so you’ll have no trouble finding someone that aligns with your needs and values to work with.

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There’s no shortage of pregnancy massage options in North Vancouver, so I hope you can find a massage therapist who suits your budget and needs. Pregnancy massage offers a wide range of benefits, and I can’t recommend it enough. Take the time to look after your body and mind during pregnancy by making massage a regular part of your routine during this time.

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Pregnancy Massage North Vancouver

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