Pitt Meadows Newborn Photography

New mom holding her sweet son at our Pitt Meadows Newborn photography session

With the health restrictions put in place, the word of the season for businesses has been “pivot”. Business owners have had to pivot their business models in order to accommodate for these strange and uncertain times. And that is exactly what this new sweet family and I did for their Pitt Meadows newborn photography session. I’ve had this newborn session in my calendar since February. With baby Z due in April, we went on planning the session as usual. It wasn’t until the “stay home” order came that we realized it wouldn’t happen – at least not how we imagined it.

We chatted in April and decided we would postpone and see how things went. At the time, with everything going on and Coronavirus numbers rising, we both thought we’d have to cancel and by the time we could safely have a Pitt Meadows newborn photography session, little Z would have outgrown his newborn stage.

new mom and dad admiring the tiny features of their newborn baby at Pitt Lake

When the announcement came that B.C. was opening up and that I could operate safely outdoors while keeping distance from my clients, I proposed the idea of a less conventional outdoor newborn session and Mom jumped at it! She loved the look of Pitt Lake and decided to make the trek in from Surrey to have her sons newborn session with that iconic mountain backdrop.

Little Z was a prince for our whole session. As every baby does, he fussed and squirmed here and there, but after a little bit of milk, he was content to just stare into his Mom and Dad’s eyes. At 5 weeks old, he was starting to interact, and every time he looked around, he’d lock his eyes on Mommy or Daddy and stare intently into their faces. Of course, as new parents generally do, they couldn’t take their eyes of Z and just lit up every time he gazed lovingly back at them.

mom and dad gazing into their newborn sons eyes during our Pitt Meadows newborn photography session.

I’m so happy we were able to capture this new stage of life for these three safely, so that they can hold onto the memories of their tiny little boy for years to come.

I’m also grateful that shortly after we booked these sessions, the stop work order on in-home sessions was also lifted! I am so excited for the new babies I’ll be capturing this summer. If you’re hoping for a newborn session but are still concerned about the risks associated with COVID-19, an outdoor session is always an option!

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Pitt Meadows Newborn Photography

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