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This was my third mommy and me session with Sasha since I started my business. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve likely heard our story. In case you don’t I’ll tell it again here. Sasha is another local Maple Ridge photographer, and a very close friend. She’s generous, loyal and fun, supporting everyone around her.
I met Sasha when I first started my business in February 2018. She was one of my first paying clients, and she found me advertising my new business on a local Facebook bidding site. I think she paid about $80 or less for out first session together. When she won the auction and mentioned she was also a photographer and I was immediately intimidated. I checked out her work and was even more so. But the moment she picked me up for our session (she offered to carpool), the intimidation was gone. Sasha was so friendly, supportive and welcoming it was impossible not like her immediately. When we met, she was about 8 months pregnant, and I had the privilege of capturing a mommy and me session for her and her sweet daughter. During our session, we figured out our daughters were about the same age and decided we should get them together to play.

Despite the work from that session being sub-par at best (sorry Sasha), she continued to be my friend. She taught me about the business, gave me pointers, has been my go-to for second opinions. Our daughters have become close friends, and we’re currently priming our sons to be buddies as well. We took mommy and me photos for each other this past winter when it snowed and we both wanted snow photos. But this session is definitely my favourite.
I would describe Sasha’s little Q as a firecracker. This little girl is independent, headstrong, and smart. She knows what she wants and does everything necessary to get it, like most three-year-olds. But she does it all with this sweet, innocent smile on her face. It’s actually one of the things I love most about her, but it definitely makes it difficult for photos! Since little Q has become more comfortable with me, the less she wants to cooperate and take photos, which I consider a good challenge! Maybe it was because her friend wasn’t present this time, but this time around she was a little easier, and I just love how her sweet, fun-loving, mischievous little personality came out in this session. And I hope Sasha agrees when I say they are a definite improvement over that first mommy and me session!

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Maple Ridge Photographer.

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