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Jay & Harbir Newborn Session

I don’t know why my favourite sessions always seem to start off rocky, but much like the last newborn session I blogged on, Jay and Harbir’s session began with an embarrassing moment on my part. This time, it wasn’t a gear malfunction that almost stopped our session – it was a brain malfunction.
I arrived at their home and began to get my camera ready while Harbir finished changing baby and getting him ready. I generally like to take a couple minutes to test lighting and get some ideas based on the layout of the house, as newborn sessions tend to start a little bit late (understandably!) So I pulled out my camera, changed my settings, snapped a photo to test and was greeted with the “no memory card” message across my screen. *Face palm.* I blame my own baby brain. As I was still borrowing gear since my camera was being repaired at the time, I didn’t have my camera bag and therefore didn’t have my back up cards. I couldn’t believe it. I was at least 30 minutes from home so going back to grab it was out of the question.
Fortunately for me, Jay and Harbir owned a camera that used the same type of memory card. After promising to return the card (which already had some of their new baby photos on it) as soon as I could, they kindly lent it to me and we started the session.
Baby Rahi was a dream. He was pretty content for most of the session and Jay and Harbir were just glowing with pride at their new baby. They made it easy to get great photos of this new three-some. They couldn’t keep their eyes off their little boy, and he seemed to smile back at them when they interacted with him, despite only being a couple weeks old. The love in their family was palpable, and I felt honoured to be able to immortalize this precious season of life for them.



Jay & Harbir Newborn Session

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