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Documentary Style Family Session in Mission, BC

I discovered photography through a photojournalism course. I fell in love with it immediately spent 10 years exploring and learning the art of the more posed style of photography before starting my business. But I think my heart has always been drawn to more fly-on-the-wall photojournalistic sessions. So, of course, I was thrilled about this documentary style family session.

Most of my inquiries are from families. While I love taking families into fields at sunset and spending time with them, getting them to open up with silly prompts, and capturing their connection and interaction, there’s something special about being invited into their own to capture their every day life.

Now, generally it’s not “natural” for anyone to come into your home and start snapping photos. So when Camila and I were planning this session, I suggested finding an activity they could do together. We talked about bed time routine or making a pizza, but she came up with a better idea: ice cream sundaes.

Now the boys thought this was a grand idea. They were a little concerned about the photographer in their house until dad pulled the ice cream out. They warmed up to the idea as Steve scooped cookies and cream into their bowls. Once he put the marshmallows on top, they had no clue I was there. They filled their bowls and had a first helping, followed by a second.

After the ice cream, the boys were all warmed up and ready to show me around the house. We went to both their rooms, they showed me their favourite toys and read their favourite books. They followed this with showing me their musical stylings on the family keyboard!

It was so much fun getting to know this family and capturing life in their home. I love having the opportunity to photography families in their own space. This documentary style family session was so refreshing and true to life. I’m excited to do more like this!



Documentary Style Family Session in Mission, BC

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