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I know I’ve mentioned before my love for all things vintage. If I haven’t, let me say it again: I LOVE all things vintage. So of course, when I decided to plan a styled bridal shoot, it needed a country, vintage feel to it. I envisioned wildflowers, lace and tulle, and a sun set, and […]

Cultus Lake Wedding – Styled Session

This was my third mommy and me session with Sasha since I started my business. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve likely heard our story. In case you don’t I’ll tell it again here.Sasha is another local photographer, and a very close friend. She’s generous, loyal and fun, supporting everyone around her.I met Sasha […]

Late Summer Sun: Cooper Mommy & Me Session

I’m what I would call a shy extrovert. My chosen profession means I spend a lot of time talking to and meeting people I’ve never met before, and if I’m honest, I both love it and hate it. I love meeting new people and making new friends, but part of me is always terrified I […]

About your Vancouver Newborn Photographer.

What is lifestyle newborn photography? You may be faced with this question when choosing a photographer for your session. Learn what makes lifestyle photography special here!

What is Lifestyle Newborn Photography?

Each year my family goes on a 2-week camping trip to a gorgeous campsite on a beautiful, calm bay right next to a provincial park. There’s no reception in the campsite and no internet unless you walk to the office, so for these two weeks, we’re forced to unplug from social media, emails, text and […]


I had the pleasure of spending my Birthday this year capturing this sweet babe’s arrival at BC Women’s Hospital.

BC Women’s Hospital Fresh48

There’s nothing more flattering or empowering as a photographer than when other photographers whose work you admire want to work with you, and in the last month I had the opportunity to work with two extremely gifted photographers.A lot of photographers seem to like having photos as much as they like taking them. I’m no […]

Collaboration over Competition

Maybe it’s happened to you before. You decide you need some family photos, so you pick out outfits you love for yourself, the kids, and, let’s be honest, hubby. On the day, you do your best to get everyone’s hair done, keep everyone clean, do your own hair and make-up, hoping for some photos you […]

How to get those Pinterest Family Photos

I don’t know why my favourite sessions always seem to start off rocky, but much like the last newborn session I blogged on, Jay and Harbir’s session began with an embarrassing moment on my part. This time, it wasn’t a gear malfunction that almost stopped our session – it was a brain malfunction. I arrived […]

Jay & Harbir Newborn Session

The number one reason adults decide to invest in a new camera, particularly a DSLR is because they’re expecting or have recently had a baby. Which, to me, makes perfect sense! I’m so passionate about capturing as much of childhood as we can. I remember when Paisley was born, constantly taking photos and thinking “I […]

Easy Tips for Taking Better Photos of your Kids


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