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If you’ve met me, you know I enjoy shopping. I care about supporting local businesses and knowing that my purchases are made in a safe and ethical way. It’s one reason I love to share about awesome places to shop for your kids – because all the stores I feature have many great, locally made […]

Pebble Baby – Vancouver Kids’ Store

It’s my joy in life to be able to capture sweet moments to help parents savour their kids while they’re small. Life is chaotic, and sometimes days feel mundane, but they are beautiful. The way kids rely on and look up to their parents at this age and relate to their siblings is so special. […]

Family Photography in Vancouver

It can be challenging to clothes your children. Finding stylish but sustainable options is hard. And often, especially at a certain age between 2 and about 8, you can pretty much guarantee your kid is going to rip, stain or otherwise ruin most of their clothing. It seems wasteful to spend a lot of money […]

Beansprouts Vancouver Children’s Boutique

Pregnancy. The sweet little baby you and your partner made together, growing inside you and developing into a tiny little person. It’s beautiful and glorious. But, for many of us, it can be hard to feel beautiful and glorious, especially during the later stages. I personally struggled to feel positive about my body during all […]

Vancouver Maternity Clothes

I could honestly take newborn photos all day long. These sessions really are my favourite, and this sweet family’s newborn photography Vancouver session was really no different. There’s something more intimate about these sessions – coming into a clients home and meeting their brand new baby. I get a small glimpse of their life together […]

Newborn Photography Vancouver

Self care. It’s every where these days. Everyone is talking about it on their social media platforms and are suggesting people NEED to take time for self care so that they can be better parents. But honestly, as a working mom of three, when I hear people talking about this, my first thought is: “great, […]

Self Care: Why it’s Not For Me

Back in the summer, I made a big “woopsie” when I updated my website and somehow made it so my contact form didn’t submit. Face palm. It took me a while to figure this out and once I did I went on a hunt to find out if my form had been filled out and […]

East Vancouver Newborn Photography

So you’re looking to find the best of the best Vancouver pediatricians for your kids. We get it, this is a super important decision and definitely not one to be taken lightly. But it might feel like a bit of a minefield out there. There are a number of factors you should consider when looking […]

Vancouver Pediatricians: The Top Three

I’ve never really thought of myself as a Chilliwack Family Photographer because Chilliwack feels so far away. In fact, it’s about an hour drive in each direction and even compared to Maple Ridge feels small-town and like the country. But I’ve been out there a few times recently capturing families, and I kind of love […]

Chilliwack Family Photographer

North Vancouver is an ideal location and perfect playground for the outdoor-minded, with a plethora of indoor and kid-friendly activities – there really are things to do in North Vancouver for everyone. One of the greenest cities in Canada, it also boasts a fantastic transportation system to get the family around safely and easily. If […]

Things to do in North Vancouver

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