4 Birthday Party Venues in Vancouver For Your Child’s Special Day

Your child’s birthday is a pretty important day. This is your chance to show them how happy you are that they’re in your life. It’s a celebration of another year of milestones and memories. Now, you just need the right place to make your party perfect! As a Vancouver family photographer, I get to chat with many parents about their favorite spots for hosting special events. If you are looking for birthday party venues in Vancouver, I would love to list some of the best! 

Plan The Perfect Celebration For Your Little One With These Birthday Party Venues In Vancouver

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This World’s Ours Centre

191 E. 10th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5T 1Z2

If you want to save the mess and throw a themed birthday party, This World’s Ours Centre is your top Vancouver venue. This center was created by a mom who wanted to give neurodivergent kids a space to be themselves. The center hosts parties for up to 18 kids and will include staff members who will make sure everything runs smoothly. You will supply food and beverages but can use their on-site kitchen. Their parties include themes such as STEM, homemade pizza, and crafting. 

The Adventure Zone

1496 Cartwright Street, Granville Island, Vancouver, BC V6H 3Y5

The Adventure Zone is located on the second floor of the Kids’ Market and gives you plenty of venue space to host your Vancouver child’s birthday party! This venue has a newly renovated Big Room with space for up to 45 people. You will have a bright and colorful space to celebrate your child. You can bring your own food and serve your child’s favorite treats. Your guests will get to play games and win prizes throughout your time there.

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Bricks & Kids

If your child adores LEGO, Bricks & Kids might be your dream spot. This company hosts birthday parties at homes, rental spaces, and rec centers. They will connect you with some of their resources if you need help figuring out where to go. Throughout your party, the Bricks & Kids team will use motorized LEGO creations to do demonstrations. They aim to invite teamwork while fostering your child’s creativity and problem-solving skills. 


Okay, maybe you just want to host your birthday party using your home as your venue but need amazing Vancouver entertainment to make it unforgettable. That’s when you call Rock’N’Beau. The business was founded by Rachel Beau, a performer passionate about creating entertaining parties. She brings along her friend, DJ Rock, to make your child’s party something worth singing about. Enjoy a customized playlist with a giant bubble wrap dance floor, lip sync competitions, and dance challenges. 

A toddler girl laughs with dad while playing in his arms on a beach at sunset before visiting birthday party venues vancouver

Your Little One Will Never Forget Their Celebration At These Birthday Party Venues In Vancouver

If you need a way to shake up your child’s next birthday party, be sure to try out these Vancouver centers. With all four birthday party venues in Vancouver, you’ll have what you need to throw a truly legendary celebration! 

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4 Birthday Party Venues in Vancouver For Your Child’s Special Day

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