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Baby Books for the Modern Baby

When Paisley was born and I was looking for ways to document her first year of life, I went to Chapters and picked out a pretty cute baby book. It wasn’t until over a year later, as I was cutting the edges off my photos to try and make them fit into the tiny spots designated for photos that I regretted this decision.

I decided with Seth I wasn’t going to make the same mistake, so I scoured Instagram and Etsy for the best Baby Book I could find. I found one with really cute artwork that I liked, but it still wasn’t perfect. It wasn’t until he was three-months-old that I found the perfect one, the cream of the crop, the Mushy Book.

With the added benefit that it’s made right here in Maple Ridge, Mushy Books are the modern mama’s dream baby book. Her theme choices range from minimalistic and monochrome, to bright and flowery. They contain gorgeous artwork, plenty of places for photos, and just enough room for information that I can actually keep it up to date!

With both my babies, I’ve found myself trying hard to remember everything, to store all these moments in my brain in hopes that when my children are too big to rock to sleep, or cuddle on my lap, I’ll remember the feeling of having them sleep peacefully in my arms. That’s part of the reason I take photos; they bring me back to that place. That’s why it’s so important to me to have a great baby book, with lots of space for keeping memories.

Mushy Books baby book customizable cover

For Seth, I picked the “Into the Wild” theme – a monochrome style with just the most adorable illustrations of woodland animals by The Wild, a Canadian apparel company which designs these adorable critters for onesies, t-shirts, bags, pillows and more.
Each book comes with a pen, milestone markers for baby’s first year, an ink-less hand and footprint kit, and an envelope at the back for extra little keepsakes. These gorgeous baby books make an amazing gift for any expecting parent and are the most stylish way to track baby’s milestones as he or show grows and develops!

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Baby Books for the Modern Baby

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