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I finished taking clients after my Christmas Mini Sessions last year, as I was due with my own baby boy in December and wasn’t sure how the last few weeks of my pregnancy would go. So after a 4 month maternity leave, I wanted to jump back in with a stellar newborn session, as my son had made me realize that newborn photography is what I love best. I put out a model call for someone expecting in the near future and found Scott, Aline and their adorable family, and I became their Langley Newborn Photographer.

Scott and Aline have two other beautiful children, and when I arrived at their house for our Sunday afternoon session, I had some time to get acquainted with these adorable kiddos while baby girl nursed and mama made sure everyone was ready for their shoot. I heard all about the Monster Truck Rally they had been to the day before, and little J showed me his truck collection.

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When everyone was ready to go, they gathered on the couch for some family shots. Poor baby girl was insatiable and we had to stop a few times to get her fed. By about 20 minutes in, she had been feeding pretty much the whole time, and while Aline was being an amazing sport about it and trying really hard to keep things on schedule despite baby’s need to feed, I could tell she was hoping she would settle so we could get some of those sweet shots of her little face. Of course, she was just settling, we were about to take some shot of mom and baby, and then a few of dad and baby when disaster struck. My camera was giving me an error code. I assumed I had just hit a button so started fiddling, trying to get the code to disappear. No luck. So I went to google. I tried everything it suggested. My first session back as a Langley Newborn Photographer was thwarted!

Photos of a family cuddling with their baby - Langley Newborn Photographer

After wasting 20 minutes standing in their kitchen trying to figure out my camera, I finally gave up.I told them I had a fair amount of photos to work with and while there was lots more I wanted to take, my camera just wasn’t cooperating. We decided I’d go home and send over what I had, and if it was an easy fix, we would reschedule.

It was not an easy fix. And though we got some great shots, I think we were all a little disappointed as we had missed so many we had hoped for. I sent my camera off to Nikon to fix and was more than a little disheartened that my camera broke on my FIRST session back.

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Mom and her newborn baby

Fortunately for me, an amazing friend and mentor who is also a photographer offered to let me use her camera when she had nothing booked. I could have cried. I was so happy to be able to tell Aline and Scott that I’d be able to come back and finish the session.

So the following Saturday morning we met again, and thank goodness we did! Baby girl was amazing – much more settled, happy and even sleepy for part of the session. We were able to get through my list of photos as well as add in a few more ideas she had. I got home and uploaded them right away, because I just had a feeling these were gold. And I wasn’t disappointed! This is one of my favourite sessions to date. I loved capturing this sweet time in their life of welcoming baby number three. Older brother and sister were just smitten with her and I think the whole family’s love and joy really shines through in their session.



Langley Newborn Photographer

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